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Dear Ruby,

We have a very good impression on your service and greatly enjoy our tour in China

Our guide in Beijing was very knowledgeable, she had a great personality and fun to spend time with. Driver was cautious, safe and car was clean and always ontime. Fantantic experience value.

The Xian part of our tour has been made all the better due to the good nature and helpful attitude of our guide. Thank you Lili. Terra cotta Army is excellect.

Guilin was as beautiful as I imagined it to be. The Li River Cruise was great - very scenic and the food is fine too.

Many thanks to all of you.


Client's information:
Ms. Ruth B. Sherchan and Ms. Ms. Lynda Morley, , France

Itinerary: 8 Days Luxury Tours of Beijing - Xian - Guilin

To Michael Lee,

Our family usually arrange our own travel,but choosing your company tour was delightedly and it's the best way to explore China. We experienced the best of Beijing with our guide and driver.

Everything was done well. This is a trip I would recommend to my friends. Thank you for all your help, loyal work and organization during our tour in Beijing.

Tom Cattanach

Client's information:
Mr. Thomas James Cattanach, Ms. Helen Ann Cattanach, David Allen Chandler, Mary Jo Buchberger and Keith Bernard Buchberger , Markesan, Wi, US

Itinerary: 7-Day Luxury Tours of Beijing - Xian

Dear Emma Lu,

Our guide, Nancy and our driver Mr. Jiao were outstanding. They made our trip wonderful. I would recommend your company to everyone.

When I come back, I will use you company again. Thanks!


Barbara Sabatino

Client's information:
Ms. Donna Domenica Gist, Mr. John Earl Gist, Francesca Marie Gist Nakagawa and Karl Walter Hart , New York, USA

Itinerary: 4-Day Luxury Tours of Beijing


Our guide, Tom was amazing! He was very helpful and attentive in making sure our experience was wonderful. He was incredibly knowledgable about everything and made our trip to Beijing great!

All the meals arranged for us were great!! We enjoyed all the restaurants. Our driver was great and the cars were kept very clean.

Your services were excellent from beginning to end. Your travel specialists were patient and helpful in meeting our needs and our guide was fantastic.Thanks for a great trip!!!

Elizabeth Gonzalez

Client's information:
Mr. Christopher Alan Chacon and Ms. Elizabeth Huezo Gonzalez , Sunland, CA, US

Itinerary: 5-Day Luxury Tours of Beijing

Good afternoon,

Thanks for tracing back.

Everything was very good planned, very good food and hotel . The visits to the sights were good to do with the guides.

We enjoy our duration in China and hope we have chance to go back again.


Ana canales

Client's information:
Ms. Cecilia Valdes Canales, Ms. Cecilia Canales de Valdes, Maria Cristina Canales de Rodriguez and Magdalena Sofia Canales de Grageda , Mexican

Itinerary: 9-Day Standard Tours of Shanghai - Beijing - Lhasa - Xian

Good afternoon,

Tour was well-organized and well-paced. The right amount of activities each day as well as a good amout of time for each activities.

Our guide wes very knowledgable and friendly. She was very considerate of our well beijing. Our driver's skill were most impressive. We had a good time in China.


Christine Turner

Client's information:
Ms. Christine Marie Turner, Mr. Dennis Frederick Haegele and Ms. Marlene Donius Haegele , Glendale Heights, IL, US

Itinerary: 9-Day Luxury Tours of Beijing - Xian - Chongqing - Yichang - Shanghai

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