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Dear Judy Su/Brenda Wang:

Many thanks for a wonderful trip! Everyone was so helpful and thoughtful! I have specified the details below.

The food is great but too much for only two most of the time--we hated wasting such delicious food! It is very difficult to say which was very best--maybe the lunch and dinner in Guilin.

The guides are all wonderful and good speakers! Each was very well informed! Especiall, Lilly in Xian was the most knowledgable.

Every driver was very kind and considerate--the cars were very clean and well-kept.

Thanks again.

Karen Hitchcock-Mort

Many thanks, Corrie Marsh

Client's information:
Ms. Karen A. Hitchcock-Mort , Plano, Texas, US

12-Day Standard Tours of Beijing - Xian - Shanghai - Wuzhen - Shanghai - Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin - Hong Kong

Dear Cecily,

It was an amazing experience. Your company really made an effort to give the best of the best regarding places to visit, nights shows with the best seats and food in very good restaurants.

Overall, the food was very good, particularly at Beijing. However, In Xian, the first night, we went to a very popular restaurant for what we could see....there was a lot of local people, however, I guess the menu was a little bit exotic for us. In my opinion, the food was excellent overall. I hardly can say which one was the best, but I particularly enjoy the dim sum at the Xian show at dinner time.

I was impressed with all your guides. In their styles, Cathy, Cristina and Manuel had a very good knowledge of their cities. The driver was always on time, kept the car clean and was helpful with the luggage.

I would highly recommend this company for any trip in china. I don't have any negative comment regarding my trip. It went smoother than I could imagine. Although the guides were very young, we were impressed with their knowledge and they were very helpful even in things not related with the tour.

Thanks again for such a great time!

Danya Godoy

Client's information:
Ms. Simoy Goldstein and , Potomac, MD, US

Itinerary: 13-Day Standard Tours of Beijing- Xian- Guilin- Yangshuo- Guilin-
Shanghai- HongKong


We would like to thank you for a fantastic tour. All tour guides were very helpful and lovely to us. Ting Ting in Shangai was especially good and organised additional activities for us which we really enjoyed! All cars and drivers were friendly and very clean. The hotels in Beijing and Xian were great.

We had a a fantastic time in China and were very well looked after by your company!


Bianca & Steve

Client's information:
Ms. Bianca Jane McClure and Mr. Stephen Robert William Barker , Kareela, NSW, AU

Itinerary: 9-Day Standard Tours of Beijing - Xian - Shanghai


I am going back over emails which I should have cleared long ago. I would just like to say that your company looked after us tremendously well and everything was extremely satisfactory.

Kindest regards,

Chris Collins

Client's information:
Mr. Christopher Francis Collins and Ms. Margaret Catherin Collins , Farnborough, Hants, British

Itinerary: 3-Day Luxury Tour of Xian

Hi Michael,

Thank you for arranging the excellent China trip for us. Please find our comments below.

The meal in Beijing was very good. The working attitude of the guides was conscientious. We had no problem with their pronunciation of English and we communicated well along with each other. All the guides had the detailed knowledge of the places we visited. Service attitude of the drivers was OK and the cars were kept clean. The tour Guide in Shanghai was extremely helpful and courteous. She went beyond our expectations and was ever willing to help.

Thanks for all your efforts again.

Satish Kumar Khandelwal

Client's information:
Mr. Satish Kumar Khandelwal & Ms. Veena Khandelwal , Kobe, Indian

Itinerary: 9 - day standard China tours of Shanghai - Beijing - Shanghai

Dear Judy and Brenda,

Thanks for your diligent work and prompt reply to every E-mail, which make us a fluent and nice tour in China.

We had wonderful time in Beijing and enjoy the Beijing Duck Dinner. It's so delicious. Wish we had more time at the Forbidden city for we are really interested in its history. In Xian, we had an interesting tour and very educational. We have learned a great deal about the history and people of Shanxi Provinence. Lhasa is as mysterious as we could imagine, it's the highlight of our tour. But a little bit tired in Lhasa for the high altitude. The tour in Guilin and Yangtze River are really relaxing, we are really indulged ourserlves during these days.

Almost all of the tour guide was informative and helpful throughout. Very service oriented tour, making all guests are good taken care of. Driver is polite althouth they seems could not speak Enghlish. The car always keep clean.

We have a good impression to your country and may come back in the future. We're pleased to recommend your company.

Victor Gonzalez

Client's information:
Mr. Victor Javier Gonzalez and Ms. Virginia Cerda , Brownsville, Texas, US

Itinerary: 19-Day Luxury Tours of Beijing - Xian - Lhasa - Chongqing- Yangtze River Cruise - Yichang - Shanghai - Guilin - Yangshuo-Guilin - Hong Kong

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