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Dear Emma,

We enjoyed our guide, Steven Pan, very much. He knew exactly what to show us as a family with young children. He was not pushy, relaxing to be with. He let us set the pace. We will remember out time in Chongqing because of him.

Thank you for a memorable tour!

Client's information:
Ms. Judith James & Mr. Thomas James , USA

Itinerary: 12-Day China Tours of HongKong - Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise - Yichang - Xian - HongKong

Dear Vicky and Sally,
We were extremely pleased with our recent trip arranged through Beijingtrip.com and would like to commend your company for its professionalism, flexibility, and attention to personal needs.  In addition to the national treasures, we learned a great deal from visits to the Buddhist and Taoist Temples in Xi'an, the electric car outing to the countryside/visit to the village and rice paddies in Yangshuo, as well as from conversations with our guides.

All our guides were friendly, conscientious, and knowledgeable, with good English fluency.  We appreciated their honesty, willingness to listen to a different point of view, and maturity in the handling of difficult situations.  The evaluations in Beijing and Xi'an required the guides' signatures, and therefore, may not be completely objective.

One of the main reasons we chose your tour was that I wanted to avoid the endless factory stops and mediocre restaurants I disliked so much on my last trip in 1995 with another tour operator! We felt your tour's emphasis on the educational aspect, as well as fine Chinese cuisine, were most important to us.  One factory stop (Jade Factory outside of Beijing) was about right in the case of our small group of highly educated and well-traveled people!  To be fair to the guides, some of they suggested we stop at the local factory/store, but didn't insist when none of us showed interest and asked for a substitution, despite their loss of commissions from the stores.  That made our experience much more enjoyable!
When we left our small group in Shanghai to stay with friends, they took us on a side trip to lovely Hangzhou (the new part of West Lake), the ancient village of Hong Cun, and Huang San with its breathtaking scenery - perhaps those places could be included in one of your itineraries?  Please read our comments below under each paragraph.
Ramona and Jack Pei

Client's information:
Ramona and Jack Pei , USA < >,

Itinerary: 12 - Day Small Group China tour of Beijing/ Xian/ Guilin/ Yangshuo/ Shanghai

Dear William and Lynn,

It is a pleasure to tell you that everything you arranged for us more than met our expectations.

Even when our plane arrived 6 hours late to Beijing from Lhasa, the guide and driver were at the airport to meet us!

We were very pleased with the hotel arrangements and particularly happy that we could stay at the Lhasa Hotel. Each lunch restaurant was also of high quality.

Our guide in Tibet was very knowledgeable and contributed immensely to our appreciation and enjoyment of the country's culture, history and spiritual life.

We have many wonderful pictures to share and will send them to you as soon as we have a chance.

Thank you again for all your emails and careful preparations.

With best regards,

Roxanne Fischer

Client's information:
Mr. Donal Orlic & Ms. Roxanne Fischer , USA < >,

Itinerary: 14 - Day China tour of Beijing/ Tibet

Hi Emma,

It was nice meeting you in Xi'an and thank you for the tee-shirts.

We are on board of the Diamond Princess and we want to thank you for an unbelievable experience. We will do a write up for you when we get back to Canada. We certainly want to share with anyone one of your potential customers our experience which was far above our expectation. Our guides, our drivers, our hotels, the kind people... everywhere we went in China made us want to see more. We will also sort out all of our pictures (over 1000 taken) and publish the selected ones on our Website by area visited so that it is easy to go to. We will be glad to have you mention our link in our testimonial.

Thank you again for the wonderful time in your country. I wore my tee-shirt proudly and will certainly spread the word on the high level of service received by Beijingtrip.

Best regards.

Louise Huot

Client's information:
Ms. Louise Huot & Ms. Claude Huot , CA < >,

Itinerary: 12 - day China tour of Beijing/ Xian/ Guilin/ Shanghai

Dear Wendy and Bessie:

This is a much delayed thank you for arranging our fantastic trip. We had a wonderful time and I am forwarding a couple of pictures that you asked me to take in Beijing. In addition to the restaurant pictured, we ate Peking Duck one night at a fine restaurant that seemed to be a very well known and popular, and a lunch at the restaurant at the Great Wall at Simitai, which was just fine. I have pictures of the Peking Duck restaurant which I will forward when I am next at home.

We were extremely impressed with the guides in Shanghai, Guilin and Xian. I really cannot speak highly enough of Mira and Lisa. We were ready to adopt Mira when we left Shanghai. I forgot to give her my e-mail address and would appreciate it if you would forward it to her with our hellos. We miss her. Lisa was an extraordinary guide, extremely competent, very flexible and our boat trip and bike ride in Guilin were the highlight of our trip. We had one unfortunate experience with the guide in Beijing, Nancy, who organized an additional event for which we felt over-charged, during which she also took us to a very over-priced kite shop where our kids spent all their money (woops!). (I can provide further details if you like). But otherwise we had a great time, and will recommend your service very highly to all our friends. The drivers were uniformly excellent. I am sorry I missed you in Xian.


Client's information:
Mr. David P Dean, Kaia J Bergmann Dean, Ms. Catherine M Bergmann and Mr. Nathan P B Dean , USA < >,

Itinerary: 12 - day China trip of Beijing/ Xian/ Guilin/ Shanghai

Dear Bessie and Cynthia,

We have arrived home after what was a truly memorable and wonderful trip to China, thanks in large part to your travel services. As our evaluations will tell you, we were all very pleased with most of the aspects of the tour -- guides, drivers, sites, hotels, meals, entertainment, logistics, pace -- with very few exceptions. We would certainly be happy to recommend Beijingtrip.com to others interested in traveling to China.

Again, thanks for a great trip. We hope to return to China sometime in the future and are grateful for all of your kind assistance to us.

The Golds & Weiners

Client's information:
Mr. Steven M Gold, Ms. Susan B G Gold, Mr. Barry J Weiner & Ms. Ana M Weiner Ms. Dana Nicole Weiner , USA

Itinerary: 9 - Day China tour of Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Shanghai

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