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Dear Ruby,

We had a wonderful China travel. The arranged tour was faultless in every way.

How happy we were to met our guide at the shipping terminal.
Our guide and driver were very reliable, thoughtful and courteous. We had every confidence in our driver's ability driving around the busy streets of Beijing and the vehicle was kept in spotless condition. Our guide was punctual at all times and we enjoyed the VIP service we were given.

Our hotel room was luxurious with every amenity available to us.
Our favorite dinner was the delicious Beijing Duck before the Opera, then the lovely setting at the Hotel lunch on the day of visiting the Great Wall. The food was great too.

We have certainly recommended your company to our friends if ever they visit China.

Wendi Carvill

Client's information:
Ms. Wendi Margaret Carvill & Mr. Leonard James Melchior , Australian

Itinerary: 5-Day Luxury Beijing Tours

Dear Vicky,

Wow, what a great vacation you planned for us! I cannot compliment you and your organization enough. For my wife and I, who have been all over the world, this was our best vacation ever. My kids both loved the experience as well.

I usually spend much of my vacation time figuring out our itinerary, tranportation, and other logistics of touring. You have done a fabulous job of planning and your guide Ms. St. Maur and driver Mr. Leo, carried out the plan flawlessly. I have never enjoyed a touring vacation as much as this. I recommend this tour without any reserve to anyone wishing to experience Beijing. The guide was very educated and the sites were all very interesting.

Ashley LoRee Wilkinson

Client's information:
Mr. William Robert Wilkinson, Ms. Tracy Norrene Wilkinson, Mr. Zachary Alan Wilkinson & Ms. Ashley LoRee Wilkinson , Texas, USA < >,

Itinerary: 10-Day Luxury Tours of Beijing - Chongqing - Yangtze River - Cruise - Wuhan - Shanghai

Dear Judy,

Sorry for answering so late but I was very busy all the time and would like to reply as follows.

In case you consider we were not satisfied your impression is totally wrong. We feel very well treated and the service of both guide and driver were quite o.k. But when I classified and answered your questionnaire I saw a certain space for some improvements in the future.

Once more, regarding to the services especially provided by the guide and the driver we have no complaints.

kind regards.

Peter Klug

Client's information:
Mr. Peter Klug and Miss Doris Wolf , Alleegasse 11, A T

Itinerary: 4-Day Standard Tours of Guilin


Very interesting historic sights, The choice of dishes and food style was better than always having served. Linda and Mr Chen was very nice and knowledge. The guide let us dicide how long to spendg at different locations.

We really enjoyed our tours in China and I could not have wished for a more wonderful trip.


Paul Nelson

Client's information:
Mr. Paul David Nelson and Ms. Michelle Marie Steuber , Diamond Bar,California, US

Itinerary: 8-Day Standard Tours of Beijing - Xian - Beijing

Dear Ruby,

Our trip was very informative, comfortable, well-organized and well-paced. Plenty of opportunities to take pictures!

We really enjoyed our tour of Beijing. Our guide was an absolute joy, always smiling and helpful. She has an overall knowledge of all the sites and we had great fun together as her English was excellect! The impression of Xi'an was fantastic in that the guide and driver take good care of us. Yangtze travel was also a memorable experience to us .

Anyway, we appreciated your great efforts and good service.



Client's information:
Ms. Christine Marie Turner and Mr. Dennis Frederick Haegele , Glendale Heights,IL,US

Itinerary: 9-Day Luxury Tours of Beijing - Xian - Chongqing - Yichang - Shanghai

Dear Eileen,

We returned to Dubai yesterday after a thoroughly enjoyable trip to China and Hong Kong.

I must compliment you on the arrangements made in China the choice of hotels, cuisine and tour locations was excellent. I need to make a special word of appreciation for Rose and Linda, our tour guides in Beijing and Xian respectively. Rose was exceptional very knowledgeable, warm and efficient (but flexible at the same time). We could not have asked for anyone better. She set a high standard against which we will tend to compare all tour guides in future. We were also fortunate to have Charles, Eva, George and Pat for company, during the Beijing leg of the tour. They are lovely people and we all got along fabulously. It was a pity that we had to split up in Xian.

However, there are a couple of observations and suggestions that you might appreciate.As mentioned above, the choice of restaurants and food was excellent. However, we found the portions too large to digest!! The feedback forms should be kept confidential between us and your Management.

I hope you take these suggestions in the right spirit!

I would strongly recommend your organization to anyone wishing to travel to China. I hope we ourselves are able to return for a longer tour.

Thanks & best regards,

Philip Eapen

Client's information:
Mr. Philip Eapen, Ms. Beena Eapen and Ms. Kamini Eapen , Dubai ,AE

Itinerary: 9-Day Tours of Beijing - Xian - Shanghai

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