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We are glad about your tracing the results after we finsh the tour.

I enjoyed the lunch on the last day of the tour. The restaurant offered a variety of dishes & it was very easy to choose what I wanted to eat. Also, I had the choice to order what I liked to eat.

The guide is conscientious, spoke English very well. The driver provide good service and the car is clean.

Thanks for your efforts.



Client's information:
Ms. Manivong Norasing and Mr. Stephen J Zeng , Hills, NSW, AU

Itinerary: 4-Day Standard Tours of Huangshan


It was so very nice to meet you in Xian and thank you for the T-Shirts. You are a very nice young man I just wanted to thank you for arranging our trip.

I was a little nervous about booking and pre-paying the trip. But, your daily emails made me feel much more comfortable.You were very thorough and explained all aspects of the trip in your daily e-mails. I cound not be more satisfied with your personal service and the service and tour provided by your company. It truly was more, much more, than I expected.

Having worked in customer servicemy entire working career, I can truly say you definately delivered more than promised. So thank you once again, and will definately plan our next trip with you.

Take Care.


Client's information:
Mr. James Charles Pallone and Ms. Rebecca Jo Pallone , Grapevine,Texas,US

Itinerary: 12-Day Luxury Tours of Beijing - Xian - Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise - Wuhan - Shanghai

Dear Joan and Emma,

The means were ok. Coming from Thailand, we are spoiled as far as food is concernend as Thailand has one of the best kitchens in the world. One meal which should not be missed in Beijing is the Peking Duck Dinner of course.

The guide is conscientious,knowledagable and speak good English. The skill of the driver is outstanding and the car is clean.

We can recommend your travel agency.

Most kind regards,

Maew and Bart Schatteman-Thepruksa

Client's information:
Mr. Schatteman Bart J. E.and Ms. Thepruksa Jaruwan , Bangkok, TH

Itinerary: 7-Day Luxury Tours of Beijing


We loved our tour and your company is wonderful. After the tour, we realized how much we got for our money. Tour price was so reasonable and affordable. Not sure how you made much money off of us.

Your office staff, especially Vicky who helped us plan our trip from the beginning, were outstanding. Every email was answered quickly and thoroughly. The greatest asset of your tour company are the people and personal service. We just picked your tour from the Internet and could not have found a better tour company if we had investigated each one. How fortunate for us that we picked you.

The guides were so knowledgeable and well educated on everything in their country, cities and tour sights. I do not think there was one question that they could not answer. Their English was great and very easy to understand. They were so concerned that we were happy with everything. They helped us with many things such as getting cash and other personal concerns that were not really required of them. They each became good friends, especially Jason, J.J. and Lily. We got their email addresses and hope to keep in touch with them, although I am sure ever tour wants to email them. You could not hire any better guides.

Every restaurant was great and each better than the other. The lunch restaurant in Shanghai that we first went to did not look too good but fortunately they could not take us and we went to a great one. I would keep the second one on the tour and maybe consider not using the first one. (J.J. easily solved that restaurant problem).

We were a little disappointed in the river boat itself. I had taken a Yangtse River tour before with Victoria cruises and the boat was much nicer, more elegant and had balconies which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, I paid a lot more for that cruise. The people on the Princess Elaine were so nice and had such wonderful spa massage services, we had a great time. The tours from the boat were super.

The performances you scheduled were great and we had front seats at each one. I could not pick a favorite. Each was special in its own way.

We were so happy with the Beijing Holiday Inn hotel. Actually the hotel in Shanghai you listed as a 3 star and the brochure says it is a 4 star. It was definitely a 4 star and we liked it very much. We felt that we got more than we paid for in hotel quality.

The vans and drivers were also first class. Driving in China requires a great skill and these drivers were professional. The vans were so clean and spacious. We never had to wait for the driver nor walk anywhere to get to the van. I was impressed with the quality.

The only regret that we had on the tour was that we were not able to go to the panda house. However, you did your best to try to get us there. I know this was not your fault.

I want to apologize for our friend Gael. We were so embarrassed that she did not bring the correct form of payment and then got so angry and caused so much trouble. . Her behavior was unacceptable. We are so sorry to put you through that. Lily and all of you acted so professional through all of it.

Thank you again for everything and to everyone. You made this a trip to remember forever. Keep up the good work.

Client's information:
Ms. Carol Ann Lute, Ms. Alicia Michelle Lute and Ms. Helen Gael Mahoney , Gilbert,Arizona,US

Itinerary: 12-Day Standard tour of Beijing - Xian - Chongqing - Yangtze
River Cruise - Yichang - Shanghai

Dear Beijing Trip,

Thank you very much for your service for our trip to China. We had a wonderful time. It was a very meaningful and memorable trip. I would be happy to answer your questions below:

The Peking duck dinner in Beijing was the best meal of the trip by far. On the whole the meals were okay, and there was always more than enough food served to us. It was nice not to have to struggle to communicate and have the mal brought to us without having to order.

All of our guides were very conscientious, spoke English well, and were very knowledgeable. We especially like our guide Dolkar in Tibet. She was very sensitive to our needs, especially when we were miserable with altitude sickness. She was very helpful and kind to us. She was also very knowledgeable in our tour and a pleasure to spend a week with.

The cars and drivers were also very good. They were on time,polite, and the cars were always clean. The driver in Tibet was especially good dealing with difficult road conditions.

Thank you again for organizing our amazing trip. We will recommend you highly to those traveling to China in the future.


Jennifer Wright

Client's information:
Ms. Jennifer Straus Wright and Mr. Allen Anderson Norman , New York, NY, US

Itinerary: 15-Day Standard Tours of Shanghai - Chengdu - Lhasa -
Gyangtse - Shigatse - Gyangtse - Lhasa - Beijing

Hi Lynne,

I have gave my evaluation on my tour and please see it below.

1. Food was great.But I feel too much food and it would have been better if we just had a light lunch all the time.

2. The guides were all good but Echo was the best.Her knowledge was great and she was very organised.

3. The drivers were all very good and busues clean.

4. The second show (opera) was absolutely fantastic.

The whole trip was a truly fabulous experience and I would recommend it too anyone.

Thank you for a great time,


Client's information:
Mr. Alan Playfair Calder-McNicoll , Dunde,Angus, GB

Itinerary: 13-Day Tours of Beijing - Xi'an - Chongqing - Yangtze River -Wuhan - Shanghai

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