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Beijing-Shanghai Flights to Increased from August 6th

According to CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China), the flights from Beijing to Shanghai will be increased, and be scheduled to depart every half an hour from August 6th, 2007. Special check-in service offer passengers rapidity and convenience. The flight takes 3 hours in total including only 45 minutes for the normal procedures.

- 6:09 A.M. EST, Aug 1, 2007

Beijing Capital Museum to Display 130 Treasures of Art of the Louvre Museum

130 precious treasures of art of the Louvre Museum will be on display in Beijing Capital Museum during August 12th to November 9th, 2007, and this is the largest exhibition that the Louvre Museum has held in China.

The civilization of Ancient Greece will be presented by the exhibition which consists of living in the ancient Greece, the spiritual world of the ancient Greeks, and talking with the famous Greeks. The statues of the three outstanding philosophers, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, will be exhibited as well. Three tenths of these works of art are related with the Olympic Games, aiming to represent the spirit of Olympics.

Admission Fee:
CNY 50
09:00-17:00 (Sales stop at 16:00, Close on Mondays)
(August 12th to November 9th, 2007)
Bus Route:
1, 4, 52 to Labor Union Building (Gonghuidalou, ????)
26, 45, 650, 717, 727, 937 to Baiyun Road (Baiyunlu, ???)

- 5:59 A.M. EST, Aug 1, 2007

Tourist Train A237/8 (Beijing North Railway Station-Badaling Great Wall) Rescheduled

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According to Beijing Railway Station, Tourist Train A237/8 (Beijing North Railway Station-Badaling Great Wall) has been rescheduled to cater for tourists.

From July 1st, 2007, Tourist Train A237/8 has been operated to meet the demand in summer vacation. It originally departs at 7:05, and returns at 14:40. In order to provide more time for tourists to enjoy themselves, the train has been rescheduled, and the operation time has been shortened to less than 2 hours from the original 2.5 hours.

08:07 Beijing North Railway Station (Beijingbeizhan, ????)
15:13 Badaling Great Wall (Badalingchangcheng, ?????)
Ticket Fare:
CNY 5.5

- 4:21 A.M. EST, Jul 30, 2007

Beijing: Altar of Earth to Present a National Cultural Feast from August 3rd

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From August 3rd to 12th, 2007, a fair of national culture and art will be held in the park of the Altar of Heaven, aiming to show China's profound culture and the spirit of 2008 Olympics.

During the ten days, over 180 pieces of works of art from Beijing and other five provinces will be on display. These include precious cultural heritage and exquisite handcrafts. 15 sets of theme lanterns which features the Olympic section offers a delightful scene. People can watch various Chinese performances, like singing, dancing, cross talks, acrobatic shows, and join in many national sports. Besides, special Olympic clothes, works of art, stamps, and other souvenirs are sold then on the fair.

Admission Fee:
CNY 10
16:30-21:30 (August 3rd to 12th, 2007)
Bus Route:
18, 104, 108, 113, 124, 125, 201, 328, 407, 643, 644, 803 to  Ditanximen (the west gate of the Altar of Heaven, ????)

- 4:13 A.M. EST, Jul 27, 2007

Beijing: Southwest Entrance of Beijing Subway Station to Closed from July 29th

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According to Beijing Subway Station Corporation, the Entrance D (Southwest Entrance) of Beijing Subway Station will be closed for reconstruction from July 29th, 2007 till further notice. During that period, passenger can detour to other entrances of this station which are in normal service.

- 4:11 A.M. EST, Jul 27, 2007

Beijing: All for 2008 Olympic Games

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According to Beijing Transportation Committee, about 30, 000 bus workers and 600 subway staff participate special trainings to serve for the 2008 Olympic Games, including the training of oral Olympic English.

Staff under 35 years of age in Beijing bus companies is required to pass an oral English examination, and over 5,000 people managed to get the certificates to the present. Such trainings are being conducted in various types among the subway staff, taxi drivers and tour operators.

Besides, 34 particular Olympic bus lines are under planning. During the 2008 Olympic Games, these lines are free of charge for the Olympic ticket holders.

- 4:48 A.M. EST, Jul 26, 2007

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