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Beijing: Fengtai District Presents an Olympic Flower Show

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From August 8th to 18th, 2007, an Olympic Flower Show is presented for free in Hua Village, Fengtai District. These flowers are specially cultivated for the 2008 Olympic Games. People could have a view of over 2,000,000 flowers of 48 varieties. Red, pink and yellow are the main colors of these flowers, besides, there are beautiful flowers of purple, blue, green and other colors. A profusion of flowers which is predicted to bloom in May or October are unfolding now.

Transportation: Take Bus No. 740 or 840 to Huaxiang ( Hua Village, ?? )

- 5:21 A.M. EST, Aug 9, 2007

Beijing Tanzhe Temple Unveiled Souvenirs of 1700th Anniversary

On August 1st, 2007, the Tanzhe Temple unveiled the two souvenirs of 1700th Anniversary, tea cake made by the Pu Erh Tea, and ink-stones made of Tanzhe purple ink-stones. This ceremony is an important activity for the temple's 1700th Anniversary on September 9th.

The temple, reputed for a Buddhism shrine, plays an influential role in representing the profound Buddhism. 1,700 pieces of tea cakes and 1,700 ink-stones are sold during this period. The tea cakes are made by the Pu Erh Tea, an excellent tea from Yunnan Province, and the Tanzhe purple ink-stone is very famous in China. Buddhist followers and collectors who buy these souvenirs will acquire an opportunity to join in the grand ceremony of the 1700th Anniversary.

Admission Fee: CNY 35
Transport: Take Bus No. 931 to Tanzhesi (Tanzhe Temple, ???)

- 5:17 A.M. EST, Aug 9, 2007

Beijing: Manchu Folk-Custom Festival to Held in Huairou District

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On August 10th, 2007, a Manchu Folk-Custom Festival will raise the curtain in Huairou District, and last for three days. In Beijing, Tanghechuan area is an important region inhabited by an overwhelming number of Manchus from Northeast China during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

The Tanghechuan area has distinctive and profound Manchu culture and customs. During the festival, more than ten activities will be presented, including exhibitions of local products and Manchu foods, Manchu wedding ceremony performances, and Manchu sports meeting. Tourists could enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious foods, and participate in various performances.

- 4:08 A.M. EST, Aug 8, 2007

The Chinese Celebrate One-Year Countdown to Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

It is reported that the national celebration for the one-year countdown to Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing Tiananmen Square on the night of August 8th, 2007. At 20:08 (Beijing time), the IOC (International Olympic Committee) will send Olympic invitations to 205 countries and areas all over the world.

The one-year countdown to Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, an important event in the history of the 2008 Olympic Games, receives worldwide attention, and will be an influential event. A series of celebrations have been organized on this landmark day in Beijing and other Chinese cities, showing Chinese people's enthusiasm towards the Olympic Games.

Time (Beijing time)
Celebration for the One-Year Countdown by Beijng Olympic Committee
19:00-21:10 (August 8th)
Tiananmen Square
2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture International Exhibition
08:00-17:00 (August 5th to 11th)
China Millennium Monument
Celebration for the One-Year Countdown by Xicheng District
19:00  (August 8th)
Qianmen Square

- 4:02 A.M. EST, Aug 8, 2007

Beijing: 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Exhibition to Start from August 5th

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From August 5th to 12th, 2007, 2008 Beijing Olympic Landscape Sculpture International Exhibition, an important official activity of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, will be held in China Millennium Monument. The exhibition was first started on August 8th, 2005 with 290 pieces of outstanding works from over 90 countries.

Admission Fee:
Opening Hours:
Bus Route:
1, 4, 21, 52, 320, 337, 728 to Military Museum (Junshibowuguan, ?????)
A9 Fuxing Road, Haidian District (???????9?)

- 11:10 P.M. EST, Aug 2, 2007

Beijing: 10th Int'l Music Festival to Begin

The 10th International Music Festival and the 5th International Symphony Performance will start in Beijing from September 21st to October 26th, 2007.

During this period, 26 various performances offer masterful show of symphony, opera, jazz, chamber music and drama. Famous symphony orchestras and outstanding musicians from all over the world will present their excellent works. Traditional Chinese culture, as a striking feature of this festival, will have full expression by seven varied performances including Beijing opera, and Chinese Tang and Song poetry.

Being a symbolic cultural program of China's capital, Beijing International Music Festival has played an important role in Beijing's cultural development and the world-wide cultural communication.

- 10:59 P.M. EST, Aug 2, 2007

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