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Beijing: Special Brochures Bring Preferential Treatment in Xuanwu District

People in Beijing have got a special brochure for free since September 17th. With the brochures in hand, people could enjoy discount when dining, entertaining, or traveling in about 50 places of Xuanwu District.

The brochures cover useful travel information, including the map of Xuanwu District, bus routes, and contact telephone numbers. If your expense reaches a certain amount, you will have the chance to win a lottery of traveling to Hainan Province. In addition, the government of the district has made several special one-day tour packages catering for different people.

Package 1: Cultural Travel of Xuanwu District, Beijing
Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum, Grand View Garden, Zhangyiyuan Teahouse, The Granite Pillar in Jicheng, and some other attractions.

Package 2: Enjoying Folklore of Beijing
Taoranting Park, watching the performance of Beijing Acrobatics Troup of China, Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Hepingmen Branch), and many century-old shops

Package 3: Historical Trip
Former Residence of Ji Xiaolan, Xiannong Temple, Fayuan Temple, Huguang Guild Hall, and Nanlaishun Restaurant

Package 4: Tea and Buddhism Exploration
Zhangyiyuan Teahouse, Ma Liandao Tea Market, the Chinese Buddhist Academy, Fayuan Temple, and Dashilan Shopping Street

Package 5: Beijing Opera, painting & Chinese Medicine
Liyuan Theater, Beijing Traditional Opera Museum, Rongbaozhai Studio (Studio of Glorious Treasures), and Xuanwu TCM Hospital

- 5:30 A.M. EST, Sep 18, 2007

Beijing National Grand Theater to Unveiled with 23 Performances

The National Grand Theater in Beijing will be unveiled with 23 rattling performances from September 25 to October 13, 2007. The admission tickets vary in price, and standing room at low price will be arranged for the low-income audience.

After the trial performances, 183 international performances will strike a pose in the theater from this December to next March. Some excellent artists from over 10 countries and regions including Russia, USA and Italy will present skillful performances.

- 5:26 A.M. EST, Sep 18, 2007

Air China to Open up New Route to Athens

It is reported that the Air China will officially open up a new route between Beijing and Athens scheduled on November 28, 2007.

The start of this line will greatly promote the communication between the two countries in various aspects. The Chinese people could easily go to the beautiful Greece, and the Greeks and the people in Southern Europe could come to Beijing conveniently to watch the 2008 Olympics.

Detailed information of the flights (Reference only):

Flight Number:
Regular Flight:
Wednesdays, Sundays
Mondays, Thursdays
Departure Time:
Arrival at Dubai:
01:10 (next day)
Departure from Dubai:
Arrival Time:
05:20 (next day)

- 4:15 A.M. EST, Sep 14, 2007

Tenth Beijing Int'l Cultural Tourism Festival to Held in September

According to Beijing Tourism Administration, the 10th Beijing International Cultural Tourism Festival will be held from September 21 to 25, 2007. About 42 countries and regions, 10 domestic provinces and cities will partake in the festival.

The opening ceremony and the marching parade will be held in Zhongguancun Plaza, Haidian District. Over 3,000 people from China and oversea countries will present grand performances which will last two and a half hours. A charity sale will be held to raise money for the poor child. Three of the other activities will feature the 2008 Olympics, including a photo exhibition and kite-flying. The Shijingshan Amusement Park will host the close ceremony.

- 5:04 A.M. EST, Sep 13, 2007

Beijing: Red Leaves in Badaling to Welcome Tourists

According to the Badaling National Forest Park, the red leaves in autumn in the park will welcome tourists in two weeks, a fortnight earlier than that in the urban Beijing.

With an average elevation of 750 meters (2,461 feet), the park sits between the Badaling Great Wall and the Juyongguan Great Wall. The best time to appreciate the red leaves in the park is from September 25 to November 5 every year; while in the middle of October, the red leaves are most charming.

Tips for the Badaling National Forest Park (?????????):
Admission Fee: about CNY 25
Bus Route: 919 Kuai (919?), 919 Man (919?), 919 Zhi (919?) to Badaling (???).

- 5:02 A.M. EST, Sep 13, 2007

Beijing: 30 Museums to Serve in Seven Languages Next Year

According to Beijing Evening News, during the 2008 Olympics, 30 museums popular with foreign tourists including the famous Forbidden City, Peking Man Site, will provide service in seven languages. Volunteers and multi-language tour guide devices will also be available.

At present, most of the museums in Beijing could provide service in four languages, Chinese, English, Japanese, and French. Next year, Beijing museums will offer service in more foreign languages. The comprehensive museums, like Beijing Capital Museum, will serve in eleven languages including the Spanish and Arabic. Those museums which enjoy a great worldwide popularity among the Asian tourists, as the Imperial College and the Confucius Temple, will stress the interpretation in Korean and Japanese.

- 4:56 A.M. EST, Sep 12, 2007

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