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Beijing: CNY 0.2 for Bike Parking in Subway Line 5

Along with the opening up of the Subway Line 5, the bike parking facilities in the subway stations come into service. The parking charge for an ordinary bike is CNY 0.2 once, and should be paid by cash.

In Tiantongyuanbei (天通苑北) Station, private car drivers could park their cars in a large parking lot which admits over 270 cars at the same time. The charge should be paid by the 'Yikatong' IC cards. The drivers are required to swipe the cards when going into and out of the parking lot. The equipment in the parking lot can identify automatically whether they have traveled by subway on the current day. If they do, the machine will charge only CNY 2. The parking lot is open from 05:30 till 01:30 of the next day.

Besides, such large parking lots admitting about 250 cars will be built in Huoying (霍营) Station, Songjiazhuang (宋家庄) Station and some other stations.

Detailed information for the charge of parking:

Parking Time
Ordinary bikes
CNY 0.2
CNY 0.4
Folding bikes, transmission bike
CNY 0.3
CNY 0.6
Electric bikes, small three-wheeled vehicle
CNY 0.5
Motorcycle for handicapped
CNY 0.5
Freight motor, passenger motor vehicles


- 4:48 A.M. EST, Oct 9, 2007

China Millennium Monument Displaying 300 Jade Carvings

An exhibition of ancient folk jade carvings is held in China Millennium Monument today, and will last until October 13th.

This exhibition displays 300 Chinese jade carvings, and the scale is larger than any others since 1949. These jade carvings are characterized by the diversity of their ages, ranging from the Neolithic Age to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). They come from all around China, including Shaanxi Province, Gansu Province, northeast areas of China, and the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River.

Tips for China Millennium Monument:

Admission Fee:
CNY 30
Opening Hours:
09:00-17:30 (winter)
09:00-12:00 (on December 30 of Chinese lunar calendar )
Subway Line 1 to Junshi Bowuguan (Military Museum, 军事博物馆)
Bus No.1, 4, 21, 65, 68, 205, 308, 320, 337, 617, 728, 802 to Junshi Bowuguan (军事博物馆), and then walk to China Millennium Monument (中华世纪坛).

- 4:47 A.M. EST, Oct 9, 2007

Beijing Subway Line 5 Beginning Operation

The Beijing Subway Line 5 has been under operation since October 7, 2007, and the timetable of this line has been announced.

This subway line, 27.6 kilometers (17.2 miles) long, goes through the south and north areas of Beijing City. Passengers can transfer to the Subway Line 1 from this line at Dongdan (东单) Station, and transfer to the Subway Line 2 in Chongwenmen (崇文门) Stations and Yonghegong (雍和宫) Station. Lishuiqiao (立水桥) Station in the north of this line makes the transfer to the Subway Line 13 available. Every station of this line has been installed a lift for the disabled.

The trains of this line run every 4 minutes during the rush hours. The first run from Songjiazhuang (宋家庄) Station is at 05:19 and the last run at 23:10; the first run from Tiantongyuanbei (天通苑北) Station is at 04:59 and the last run at 22:47.

Besides, the departing intervals of the other subway lines in Beijing have been readjusted. During the rush hours, the trains of Subway Line 1 run every 2 minutes and 45 seconds, and those of the Subway Line 2 run every 3 minutes. The trains of Subway Line 13 and Subway Batong Line run every 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

- 4:47 A.M. EST, Oct 8, 2007

Beijing Subway Implement Two Yuan Flat Fee System

Since October 7, 2007, the two Yuan flat fee system has been implemented in the existent five subway lines of Beijing, and the monthly pass formerly used in the Subway Line 1 and Subway Line 2 will eventually step down from the stage of history on November 1st.

At present, no matter how long you travel and how many times you transfer to other subway lines, it costs only CNY 2 to take a metro in Beijing. People could use 'Yikatong' IC cards or cash to buy tickets. This flat fee system will be applied in the future subway lines of Beijing except the Airport Extension. The monthly pass could be used till October 31st, and from November 1st, they can be used as common IC cards.

- 4:43 A.M. EST, Oct 8, 2007

Beijing: Weather Favorable for Outing during National Day Holiday

It is reported that the weather of Beijing will be basically favorable for outing and tourism in the coming Chinese National Day Holiday (Oct.1-7).

From Oct.1st to 4th, the weather of Beijing will be pleasant and free from sandstorm. The highest temperature will be 24oC (75.2oF) and the lowest 12oC (53.6oF). From Oct.5th, there will be showery days, and the temperature will fall down. Since the temperature in Beijing varies greatly between day and night, people would better take good care.

Detailed weather information of Beijing Chinese National Day Holiday:

Highest Temperature
Lowest Temperature
Light or gentle breeze
23oC (73.4oF)
12oC (53.6oF)
Mainly sunny
Light or gentle breeze
24oC (75.2oF)
12oC (53.6oF)
Mainly sunny
Light air or breeze
25oC (77oF)
13oC (55.4oF)
Cloudy, showery
Light air or breeze
23oC (73.4oF)
14oC (57.2oF)
Moderate breeze
22oC (71.6oF)
13oC (55.4oF)
Moderate or fresh breeze
23oC (73.4oF)
10oC (50oF)

- 4:57 A.M. EST, Sep 30, 2007

Forbidden City to Open One Hour in Advance from Oct.1st to 3rd

It is reported that, from Oct.1st to 3rd, the Forbidden City will be open at 07:30, one hour in advance. More ticket windows, entrances and exits will be available during the Chinese National Day Holiday (Oct.1-7).

The peak hours of visiting the Forbidden City is expected to be from 11:00 to 14:00 on Oct.2nd and 3rd. During these periods, it will take more time to buy a ticket, therefore, tourists would better avoid the peak hours.

Besides, the exhibition of 'Art and Chivalry in Spain' from the Royal Armory Museum of Madrid has been on display in the exhibition hall of the Meridian Gate since September 29th, and will last until January 6, 2008. The exhibition will be closed from Oct. 1st to 5th, and reopened on Oct.6th.

- 4:57 A.M. EST, Sep 30, 2007

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