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418 New Metros to Under Operation in Beijing

It is reported that 418 new metros will be put on for the Beijing Subway Line 2, Subway Line 13, Subway Batong Line, Subway Line 5 and the Subway Line 10 before the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Since the Two Yuan Flat Fee System has been adopted in the Beijing subway lines, more and more people are willing to take subway when going out. The government has taken practical measures to relieve the congestion of the subway transportation. Except for putting on new metros, the departure intervals of the metros will be further shortened.

- 3:03 A.M. EST, Oct 23, 2007

Beijing: Air Routes to Gwangju & Cheongju to Opened Up

The air routes from Beijing to Gwangju and Cheongju of South Korea will be opened up respectively on October 30th and November 7th, and there will be four airlines between China and South Korea.

Detailed information for the flights:

Departure Time
Arrival Time
OZ 342 (Beijing-Gwangju)
Tuesdays, Fridays
OZ 341 (Gwangju-Beijing)
Tuesdays, Fridays
OZ 374 (Beijing-Cheongju)
Wednesdays, Saturdays
OZ 373 (Cheongju-Beijing)
Wednesdays, Saturdays

- 4:46 A.M. EST, Oct 22, 2007

Baiwangshan Forest Park Offering Splendid Red Leaves

According to Baiwangshan Forest Park, a new park in the north of the forest park is now open to tourists, offering an excellent view of enchanting red leaves in autumn.

Covering an area of 150 hectares (371 acres), the new park has a great variety of mature trees, including common smoke trees and torch trees. At present, the mountain is beautifully decorated with splendid red foliage, and it is expected that, as time goes on, the red leaves will be more and more bewitching this autumn.

- 4:44 A.M. EST, Oct 22, 2007

Beijing: Cultural Year of Greece in China Begins

On October 17, the Cultural Year of Greece in China officially begun in Beijing, and it is said that it will last until next September, aiming to present an overall understanding of Greece for Chinese people.

The bright civilization and the ancient culture of Greece, including the social customs, ethnic folklore and fine architectures, will be fully displayed during the cultural year. Exhibitions of books, archaeological and modern art, film expositions, folk, classic and modern concerts, dance, drama, and other theatrical performances, as well as conferences offer a firsthand taste of life and culture for the Chinese.

Some activities of the cultural year:
1. From October18 to November 16, 2007, a large-scale art exhibition will be held in Beijing Capital Museum, presenting the works created by the Greek artists born in 1930s.

2. On October 19th, the Poly Theater will present a concert by Stamatis Spanoudakis-a world famous Greek composer.

3. From October 19 to November 30, 2007, photographs produced by a greatest Greek photographer will be on display in Nanheyan Dajie (南河沿大街), Dongcheng District.

- 4:58 A.M. EST, Oct 18, 2007

National Art Museum of China to Present Painting Exhibition

A painting exhibition featuring the works of the recent 50 years will be held in the National Art Museum of China from October 25th to November 1st.

Jointly hosted by Beijing Art Academy and the Chinese Painting Institute of Shanghai, this grand exhibition falls into six parts with excellent works of different times. People can appreciate about 620 works produced by 290 famous painters, including those painted by Qi Baishi, a master of flower and bird painting.

Tips for the National Art Museum of China:
Admission Fee: CNY 20
Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00 (tickets are unavailable from 16:00 every day)
Bus Route: Take Bus No.103, 111, 202, 211, 814 to Meishuguan Stop (美术馆), and then walk to the National Art Museum of China (中国美术馆).

- 4:54 A.M. EST, Oct 18, 2007

Beijing: Persimmons & Chestnuts Awaiting Picking

At present, a persimmon picking festival is held in Wangxinzhuang Town, Pinggu District. The picking will last until October 28th, and people can pluck toothsome persimmons in Taihou Village and Jingyu Village, both famous for its large, sweet and juicy persimmon.

In addition, abundant ripe chestnuts are awaiting picking in Miyun County, the hometown of Chinese chestnut. The history of the chestnut cultivation here could be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC-476 BC). So far, there are more than 5,000 chestnut trees at the age of over 100.

Tips for the bus route:

1. Take Bus No.918 from Dongzhimenwai (东直门外), get off at Pinggu Qichezhan (Pinggu Bus Station, 平谷汽车站), then transfer to a small bus to Wangxinzhuang Town (王辛庄镇), and take a small bus to the Taihou Village (太后村) or the Jingyu Village (井峪村).

2. Take Bus No.970, 980, or 980 Kuai (980快) from Dongzhimenwai (东直门外) to Miyun Qichezhan (Miyun Bus Station, 密云汽车站).

- 3:59 A.M. EST, Oct 17, 2007

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