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China to Abandon Paper Tickets as of November 5, 2007

It is reported that the Chinese government will adopt the E-tickets thoroughly on November 5, 2007, and the paper tickets for the international flights will not available from the day onwards. The paper tickets for international flights sold before November 5th remain valid.

- 3:44 A.M. EST, Nov 2, 2007

Beijing Parks Adopting Off-Season Tickets

From November 1st, parks in Beijing will adopt off-season ticket prices, including the Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Beijing Zoo and Beihai Park.

The Fragrant Hills Park will carry out the off-season ticket price on November 16th after the red leaves festival. The off-season tickets will last until next March 31, and from April 1, parks in Beijing will implement in-season tickets.

In-Season Tickets
Off-Season Tickets
Summer Palace
CNY 30
CNY 20
Temple of Heaven
CNY 15
CNY 10
Beijing Zoo
CNY 15
CNY 10
Beihai Park
CNY 10
Fragrant Hills Park
CNY 10

- 4:54 A.M. EST, Nov 1, 2007

Temple of Heaven Presenting Chrysanthemum Show

On November 1st, the Temple of Heaven is presenting a grand flower show with more than 2,000 pots of chrysanthemum.

It is said that this chrysanthemum show is characterized by the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In the ancient Divine Music Administration (神乐署) where the flowers are displaying, tourists can enjoy the fragrant chrysanthemum and drink in the wonderful Chinese royal music. One of the chrysanthemum trees is made up by seven chrysanthemum trees, offering more than 3,000 flowers.

- 4:51 A.M. EST, Nov 1, 2007

Beijing Olympic Tickets: Phase 2 Domestic Sale Suspended

Due to the improvement of the booking system, the second phase domestic sale of the 2008 Olympics tickets has been suspended on the afternoon of October 30th.

The official website system of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games does not work well, and people could not submit their applications very soon. The BOCOG has decided to suspend the sale to improve the booking system, and new information of the tickets booking will be announced on November 5th. Tickets successfully booked remain valid.

- 5:07 A.M. EST, Oct 31, 2007

Beijing Olympic Tickets: Phase 2 Domestic Sale to Start

The second phase domestic sale of the 2008 Olympics ticket will start at 09:00, October 30th. In this phase, about 1,850,000 tickets for sport events will be sold, and each person can order 50 tickets at most.

People can order tickets through the official ticketing website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Ticketing Call Center (010-952008), or the participating ticket outlets of Bank of China.

The second phase will end at the end of January, 2008. In this phase, tickets will be sold on a basis of 'first come, first serve', and should be paid within two days after their successful booking. People who succeed in booking and paying the tickets can receive their tickets in June and July, 2008.

Besides, the tickets for the Paralympic Opening and Closing Ceremony, and Paralympic Sports Event will start on sale later.

- 5:24 A.M. EST, Oct 29, 2007

Beijing Subway: Departure Intervals of Batong Line Shortened

It is reported that the departure intervals of Beijing Subway Batong Line has been shortened to 3 and a half minutes during the rush hours of the afternoon, about 30 seconds shorter than before, and 32 more subway trains will be under operation in this subway line.

Besides, the departure intervals of the other subway lines in Beijing have been readjusted recently. During the rush hours, the trains of Subway Line 1 run every 2 minutes and 45 seconds, and those of the Subway Line 2 and Subway Line 13 run respectively every 3 minutes, 3 and a half minutes.

- 2:29 A.M. EST, Oct 26, 2007

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