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Badaling National Forest Park to Reopened Next April

According to the Badaling National Forest Park, red leaves in the park have fallen down. Since November 7th, the park has been closed, and it will be reopened next April when the apricot and pear trees in the park bloom.

- 3:42 A.M. EST, Nov 8, 2007

Beijing Subway: Main Project of Airport Extension Completed

The main project of Beijing Airport Extension was completed on November 6th. The trial operation will start in next April and it is expected that this subway line will be in service before the 2008 Olympics.

After the construction of this line, it will only take 18 to 20 minutes to travel from Beijing Capital International Airport to Dongzhimen. Trains on this line can run at a speed of 110 kilometers (68.35 miles) per hour, which is the fastest of all the Beijing subway lines.

- 3:47 A.M. EST, Nov 7, 2007

3rd Chrysanthemum Festival Being Held in Beijing Xiedao Resort

The third chrysanthemum festival is being held in Beijing Xiedao Resort at present, and it will last until December 3rd.

The resort is located in Chaoyang District, about 7 kilometers (4.35 miles) to the southwest of Beijing Capital International Airport. More than 6,000 pots of chrysanthemum flowers are being displayed in the festival, including over 100 species. Besides, there are some new species and Japanese chrysanthemum.

Tips for the Xiedao Resort:
Address: No.1, Xiedao Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing (北京市朝阳区蟹岛路1号)
Bus Route:
No.418, 688, 909 to Xiedao Dujiacun (Xiedao Resort, 蟹岛度假村).
No.640, 641 to Xiedao Dujiacun Dongmen (the east gate of the Xiedao Resort, 蟹岛度假村东门).

- 3:45 A.M. EST, Nov 7, 2007

Beijing Olympic Tickets Phase 2 Domestic Sale to Drawn by Lot

According to the BOCOG Ticketing Center, after a temporary suspension, the Phase 2 domestic sale of the 2008 Olympic tickets will continue on December 10, 2007, and the ticketing policies has been adjusted.

The former basis of 'first come, first serve' will be replaced by lots. The BOCOG will draw lots to decide who can buy the tickets. People can submit their applications from December 10th to 30th, and those who submit the applications earlier enjoy no priority.

The limitation of ticket purchase and the time of the lots drawing will be announced later.

- 4:33 A.M. EST, Nov 5, 2007

World's Tallest Ferris Wheel to Settle down in Chaoyang Park

Beijing Ferris Wheel, the world's tallest ferris wheel, will settle down in Chaoyang Park. The construction on it has started on November 5th and is expected to be finished before the 2008 Olympics.

With a maximum admission of 1,920 people, the ferris wheel is 208 meters (682 feet) high and has a diameter of 193 meters (633 feet). It will only take about 20 minutes to complete one circle.

In addition, six more different theaters will be built in the park next year, aiming to promote the park as China's Broadway. The first to be completed next March is one of the thirteen open-air theaters of Beijing.

- 4:30 A.M. EST, Nov 5, 2007

Air-conditioned Trains of Subway Line 1 & 2 to Under Trial Operation

The trial operation of the new air-conditioned trains of Beijing Subway Line 1 and Line 2 will start on November 6th, signaling the end of the over 40-year-old trains of Beijing Subway. It is said that six such trains will be put into use on each of the two subway lines before the end of 2007.

- 4:16 A.M. EST, Nov 5, 2007

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