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Beijing Subway Line 13: Departure Interval to Cut Down

From November 21, 2007, the departure interval of Beijing Subway Line 13 will be cut to three minutes and a half during the evening rush hours, about one and a half minutes shorter than before. The metros will be less crowded then. To ensure your safety and the better service of the metros, it is best to wait in line and not to rush for the seats.

- 3:52 A.M. EST, Nov 21, 2007

Beijing: Ordinary Trains Tickets Booking to Shortened by 5 Days

According to Beijing Railway Station and Beijing West Railway Station, the train tickets reservations will be permitted 5 days in advance from November 25th to December 25th.

During this period, the tickets reservations for the D-Trains and 'Z' Trains are remain permissible within 10 days. The temporary adjustment aims to provide convenience for the transportation of soldiers.

- 4:15 A.M. EST, Nov 20, 2007

National Stadium: Construction Completed on Nov.16th

The construction of Beijing National Stadium was completed recently and the whole project passed the inspection on November 16th.

Covering an area of 6.87 hectares (16.98 acres), Beijing National Stadium, the largest indoor stadium in China, can accommodate 20,000 people. From November 28th to December 3rd, the 'Good Luck Beijing' 2007 Artistic Gymnastics International Invitational Tournament and Trampoline Gymnastics International Invitational Tournament will be held in the stadium. After the events, the stadium will be a venue for performances.

- 4:10 A.M. EST, Nov 20, 2007

First African Cultural Festival Held in Beijing

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At present, the first African Cultural Festival is held in Beijing New Yansha Mall, and will last until November 25th, which is a showcase of the beautiful scenery, brilliant culture and local customs of Africa.

During the festival, the African people will present various distinguishing cultural performances. People to the New Yansha Mall can appreciate the ancient and mysterious African culture, including the colorful traditional dress, exotic dancing and stone carving.

Tips for the New Yansha Mall (???Mall):
Bus Route: No.355, 365, 425, 619, 664, 851, 992, 996, Yuntong 101 (??101), Yuntong 118 (??118) to Yuanda Lu Dongkou (?????), and then walk to the New Yansha Mall.

- 4:47 A.M. EST, Nov 19, 2007

First Direct Flight from Shanghai to Brisbane to Opened Up

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According to China Eastern Airlines (MU), the flights between Shanghai Pudong International Airport (????????) and Brisbane will be opened on November 21st, which will be the first domestic direct flights leading to Brisbane. The flights are scheduled on Wednesdays and Fridays from November 21, 2007 to February 20, 2008.
Flight No.
Departure & Terminal
Departure Time
Arrival Time
MU 735
18:25 (Beijing Time)
10:10 of the next day (Local Time)
Nov.21, 2007-Jan.6, 2008
MU 736 
Brisbane- Shanghai
11:30 (Local Time)
19:30 (Beijing Time)
MU 739
18:15 (Beijing Time)
06:30 of the next day (Local Time)
Jan.7, 2008-Feb.20, 2008
MU 740
Brisbane- Shanghai
07:40 (Local Time)
20:15 (Beijing Time)

- 4:46 A.M. EST, Nov 19, 2007

More D-trains to Run Between Shenyang and Beijing

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From November 22nd, there will be more D-trains in service between Shenyang North Railway Station and Beijing Railway Station to meet the demand. There will be then 12 D-trains traveling between the two cities. You can buy the tickets ten days in advance in any outlets of the tickets offices.

Train No.
Departure & Terminals
Departure Time
Arrival Time
Shenyang North -Beijing
Beijing- Shenyang North
Shenyang North -Beijing
Beijing- Shenyang North
Shenyang North -Beijing
Beijing- Shenyang North

- 3:34 A.M. EST, Nov 15, 2007

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