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I have just left a white Marriott bag in a taxi that dropped me off in Tsinghua University. I was going from Marriott to Tsinghua around 6:00 AM. It contains clothes, food, gifts, and games inside. I do have the taxi number, but I don't know what to do with it. The taxi number is BJ2356. Please e-mail me with any information: austen.goebel@yahoo.com

Reply7/13/2011 4:34:36 PMAusten Goebel ,   United States

Rebecca :7/13/2011 6:56:32 PM

hi Austen,
you ask for help from the local police station.

Hi last Sunday the 3rd of July 2011 my friend forgot her Camera, A black Sony compact camera, in a taxi, when we where coming back from Houhai to a friends place near Wudoukou. this was around 9-10 PM. We didn't get the taxi number or a recite, and it was quite dark but i think it was one of the green and yellow taxis.

do you know what she can do to try and get her camera back.

Because we got some help from some locals who tried to help us by calling to a traffic control place number 6528999 but didn't help as at that time as it was to late. And the next day when I tried to call it was a machine which only spoke Chinese quite fast.

Reply7/6/2011 7:03:54 AMCarlo Poon ,   Sweden

Iris :7/6/2011 6:47:18 PM

it is better for you to find some locals to contact the taxi company.

We just left a large black soft-sided suitcase in the trunk of a Beijing taxi. We traveled from Ke Xue Yuan Nan Lu in Zhong Guan Cun to Mei Li Yuan in Haidian. We got out of the cab at about 11:30 AM. It has an English Bible in the front zip pocket and is full of toys and other items which are prizes for a foreign children's reading program. Please call with any information: Charlie at 13641154314.

Reply6/18/2011 8:53:49 PMCharlie ,   China

Monica :6/20/2011 11:38:11 PM

hi Charlie,
do you still remember the No. or the taxi?
the best way is to contact the taxi company.
or you can go to the local police station for help.

An online Beijing seller has received my money but did not send the item.

I need Beijing Police Chief contact address to file the complaint. If anybody helps me to get this info, I will be highly thankful

Javed Qazi

Reply5/30/2011 9:02:02 AMJaved Qazi ,   Canada

Fiona :5/31/2011 2:31:21 AM

this is the offcial website of Beijing Public Security Bureau
good luck!

lost my camera in a taxi in beijing with around 2000 pics of the last 2 month of travel. :( it is a silver fujifilm. will go to the nearest police station now.
if anyone finds it, please send me an email:

irie@wakeupandlive.de thx

Reply4/4/2011 7:20:00 AMflorian schmidt ,   Germany

Grace :4/19/2011 10:30:00 PM

yes, may be this is the only way.
did you go to the police station for help?

florian schmidt :4/19/2011 8:06:00 AM

well, i tried to, but it did not work. the prolem may be, that i cannot write chinese at all. -.-
but maybe i can find someone who helps me filling this form..

Grace :4/18/2011 10:37:00 PM

i mean on this page:

florian schmidt :4/18/2011 9:26:00 AM

i did...
you answered on my loss-posting

Grace :4/16/2011 11:55:00 PM

hi, sorry for your loss.
you can try to report your loss at this page.

florian schmidt ( Germany ) :4/15/2011 3:42:00 AM

I tried to contact this organization to get my camera back. The "Hotline" is only a computer (telling you the office adress and the website adress), the Website is in Chinese only and the office is closed (no evidence of anyone working there). We tried everything, mentioned on this page,but without the smallest result. :(

Last Sunday March 13th, 2011 I lost my passport, last time I saw it was getting off the plane coming back from Xi'an, any help will be greatly appreciated.
I can be contacted at 86 10 6762 6688

Reply3/18/2011 8:56:00 PMRicardo Cardenas ,   Mexico

Lily :3/19/2011 11:56:00 PM

hi, why not try to contact the airport?

about a yr ago i left my camera in a taxi.. I dont really care about the camera as much as the pictures.. ive tried everything.. if anyone found it PLEASE email me wowahweewah@hotmail.com

Reply3/15/2011 12:01:00 AMmyriam kind ,   United States

Timmy I lost it in Xian - on a bus to the airport or it fell from my pack as I got on or off the bus.

Reply10/31/2010 5:51:00 PMV. Weaver ,   Canada

Timmy :10/31/2010 9:31:00 PM

hi V. Weaver,
i think you can try to connect the Airline company, this is the number of the airport shuttle bus:(86029)88791384/88791498.

Lost my camera (Canon Digital SD750)in Xian Sunday October 17/10.

Reply10/27/2010 10:57:00 PMV. Weaver ,   Canada

Timmy :10/30/2010 10:24:00 PM

hi V. Weaver,
you need to ask the nearest police station for help. do you remember where did you lost it?

i found some of credit and devid card name of yuan H E with the chinese id no 370782198303010226
my contect no 18601305038 beijing

Reply10/17/2010 5:23:00 AMshahin ,   China

Mary :10/17/2010 9:24:00 PM

hi Shahin,
you can send the Id card to the nearest police station.

I forgot my luggage in the trunk of a taxi in Beijing, this luggage is very important for me, it is a brown luggage and medium size

Reply8/13/2010 10:29:00 PMFern ,   Brazil

Elva :8/14/2010 9:42:00 PM

try the hot line number or the website in this very page.

I lost a silver coloured Lumix camera in a taxi (Citroen) from the 798 Art District to the Beijing Oriental Culture Hotel on Jiao Dao Kou Street East on Thursday July 22nd, around 20.00 hours. If found, please send me an email: riamarks@gmail.com

Reply7/22/2010 9:10:00 PMRia Marks ,   Netherlands

Lily :7/24/2010 9:12:00 PM

this is just an introduction page, you can try the contact information in this very page.

two weeks ago I lost my luggage in a Beijing Taxi. 3 suitcase (a red trolley, and 2 bags, grey and black one). I don't have the taxi receipt, and had all my stuff there. Please contact me at 13501174947 or 13910240178.

Reply6/17/2010 10:31:00 PMClaire de Matharel ,   France

Bella :6/18/2010 6:00:00 AM

hi,this is just an introduction page,i suggest you contact the Lost and Found Service Center through the ways provided in this very page, or you can ask Beijing police for help.

I lost a black and white Nokia mobile phone with a chinese key chain attached to i on Saturday April 24th at around 22pm in a taxi. The taxi ride was from Gongtibeilu till next to the Lama Temple. I don't have the taxi receipt. Please contact me at 64 57 23 36 or 13671373419

Reply4/25/2010 4:27:00 AMCatherine Cheng Le Moal ,   France