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I will be traveling to China this month and I wonder if I can buy acupuncture needles for my yoga teacher. May I bring them with me in the plane? I donĀ“t plan to document my luggage.

Reply7/1/2012 7:05:56 PMMonica ,   Mexico

Frank :7/1/2012 8:09:50 PM

I think you have to declare them to the China customs, and maybe they can only be transported as checked baggage. You may get exact answer from the air company directly.

Hi, Are we Allow to book One way Air ticket to China from Singapore? and later Book Air ticket back to Singapore from China? Will it cause any problem when we arrive China?

Reply1/21/2012 12:42:34 PMSuzie ,   Singapore

Lilian :1/24/2012 10:38:05 PM

Singaporean vitizens are allow to visit China free of visa for 15 days, so usually you are required to provide return trip ticket or hotel reservation that can prove you will not overstay.so you'd better book the return ticket in advance.

Hello There...
Do i need apply visa..?
And do you have any transport from the Airport to the hotel?

Reply1/13/2012 1:54:24 AMAzlin ,   Malaysia

Carl :1/13/2012 1:56:41 AM

Which country or city will you go? Which hotel will you stay in?

My brother has Autism and will be traveling with me to Beijing. What is an example of "mental disease"? Does Autism count?

Reply1/2/2012 2:31:01 PMNancy ,   United States

Sara :1/2/2012 7:29:32 PM

Hi Nancy,
i think Autism does not count as "mental disease".

Can we bring digital cameras and laptops to Beijing and how do we bring them through customs, etc?

Reply4/24/2010 12:28:00 AMS ,   United States

Lisa :4/26/2010 8:38:00 PM

sure, you can bring your camera.

according to my knowledge, the upper limit should be twenty thousand Yuan.

Reply8/5/2009 9:27:00 PMZhong Guoren ,   China

How much RMB are you allowed to bring into China? I am travelling from Canada.

Reply8/5/2009 3:12:00 PMNOREEN STEVENS ,   Canada

HI there..

I'm planning to travel to beijing on sept 09..
I'm a malaysian..how to apply the visa from malaysia??

Reply3/30/2009 11:22:00 AMwan ,   Malaysia

BeijingTrip.com :3/30/2009 9:28:00 PM

You can apply a China visa from China Embassy to Malaysia. For specific procedure, please refer to http://my.china-embassy.org/eng/.

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