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The touting in "Hou Hai" is very rough and bad attititue.

Beware if you are there alone.

Reply10/22/2009 8:34:00 AMKJ Tan ,   Singapore

We have been in China now for nearly 5 weeks and have had a wonderful time. However wee would like to complain about a taxi ride we took from Harbin Airport to The tiger reserve at Harbin on March 29th 2009. Neither his speedometer nor his distance measuring meter were working and he also had very flat tyres on the car. When we arrived at the tiger reserve he charged us RMB 386, over twice what it should have been. He also demanded money (20 Yuan) for the toll which was not charged on the way back. (We returned to the airport for 170 Yuan.) His Taxi number was 903033 and his vehicle registration number was AC4511. We do not want the money back but feel that such taxi drivers are damaging China's fine tourist image and he should be reprimanded.

Reply3/30/2009 9:55:00 PMKenneth Wood ,   United Kingdom