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Hi, how long does it take a parcel to arrive from Guangzhou to south africa?


Reply9/22/2012 1:20:30 AMNevil ,   South Africa

Lena :9/22/2012 7:19:26 PM

It takes about one month.

I ordered 2 products from the same Chinese seller in 2 consecutive days over a week ago, until now none of them is tracked

RB015147679CN (Sept 11)
RB015147974CN (Sept 12)

He claims there is some error in the system so they didn't get tracked but they are actually moving forward and on the way to me. However, I really cannot believe it that as many places as they pass on the way to Turkey they were never tracked anywhere. Has such a huge delay in tracking ever happened to some of you guys and how can I check if these tracking codes are fake? Thanks for any help.

Reply9/20/2012 11:48:30 AMHasan ,   Turkey

Bob :9/20/2012 7:41:43 PM

don't worry Hasan,
the tow items were still in Hangzhou post office international parcel center on September 20th.
i guess the packing or checking procedures are a little bit complicated than normal domestic items, that's way it takes more time.
just wait patiently.
good luck!

Hello All Again, I wrote last night about a package my friend ordered from China from a company she has bought from the past. Anyway, I had her place an order for me & as of Sept.15,2012 it still states its in Shenzhen China ( which I know is customs) anyway I paid for rush shipping 2-3 day & as far as USPS they said theirs nothing on their end other then showing they've just received information that they were going to be receiving a package but the company told my friend just a couple hours ago that they "KNEW" for a fact the package was no longer in China. So how would they know if the USPS site & local post office states otherwise? Tracking # is LK35506380CN

Reply9/19/2012 8:41:01 PMLaura ,   United States

Ben :9/20/2012 3:01:52 AM

may be just because the USPS & local post office site did not update the information in time.
Did you check the USPS site, it says your item is preparing for shipment, i believe you will receive it soon.

Hello, I am In some serious need of help. My friend has always from a certain company in China for quite sometime. Well, they had a laptop for sale so I purchased it for my daughters 14th bday Friday. It states it's still in Shenzhen.
Tracking # LK395506380CN
Also, I paid for 2-3 business days. So it would arrive on time for her biryhday.

Reply9/18/2012 10:07:17 PMLaura ,   United States

Susan :9/19/2012 7:24:52 PM

the parcel is needed to be checked at the Shenzhen Customs, that's way it stays in Shenzhen for a few days, but it will be delievered to the US after the check. just wait patiently and hope it will arrrive on time.
Have a nice day!

Can anyone tell me how long I should be patient for? Today it's been exactly 3 months since shipment.

Reply9/12/2012 2:36:28 AMChristine ,   South Africa

James :9/13/2012 7:00:13 PM

i found the same information.
but i also check the official website of the Guangzhou Customs and it indicates that your parcel was released on July 12, 2012.

Christine ( South Africa ) :9/12/2012 10:48:48 PM

Seller keeps on tell me the same info - that it is in Guangzhou. Tracking number still said the same yesterday RA061692296CN. I spoke with local post office, and they said it is still in China.
RA061692296CN 2012 departure from outward office of exchange SOUTH AFRICA GUANGZHOU 2012-07-12

James :9/12/2012 5:55:00 PM

3 months?
that is really a long time!
maybe you can try to contact the local post office or the sender to see if he/she can help you.

please,help me about my parcel sent from szenshen three weeks ago,I can not find tracking nr. nowhere,and the sender says that he contacted the forwarder and it comes soon instead 3-5 days as formerly declared. Tracking nr. is EE658828123CN,thanks

Reply9/10/2012 11:33:24 PMMiljenko ,   Croatia (Local Name: Hrvatska)

Nancy :9/11/2012 6:22:49 PM

cannot find any info. about your parcel, either.
maybe you have to wait for a few days more.

How I can ask the post office in Guangzhou?about my package?

I've been checking the status but its been 23days there,and it keeps telling me (the latest Post in guangzhou is Preparing Shipment).. Please help I just want to know what happen to my package ,this is my tracking number for my package,CP275862781GR,this package are clothes,that i bought for my friends birthday........ i sent it personally thru ELTA POST office her in greece...i cheched here in greece.its already dispatched last aug 17.............my friend and i in china are so worried...

Reply9/6/2012 4:38:14 PMmae novera ,   Greece

Peter :9/6/2012 6:40:48 PM

your package arrived in Guangzhou on August 23, and passed the check at Guangzhou Customs on August 25.
i guess it is prepared to be delivered to you. Just be patient.
you can call the hot line of China post at 86 10 11183. or you can consult the local postal office.

package sent from china to me
where is the package now
i cant find it in the post site.

Reply9/5/2012 12:00:02 AMdani ,   Israel

Lisa :9/5/2012 6:16:41 PM

It was being checked the Shanghai Customs on August 24. i guess it is on the way to your country.


For delivery a package from Shenzhen/China Mailand to Romania which is the cheapest option, if I can work with China Post Office in Shenzhen.
I need an email address for contact.

Kind Regards,
Mr.Cristea Nicolae


+40 737 274 243

Reply9/4/2012 2:42:16 AMCristea Nicolae ,   Romania

Polly :9/4/2012 5:59:40 PM

i suggest you use DHL, TNT、UPS、FEDEX, China post is the slowest one.

I mailed a package to China
tracking # LC625959188US
It shows it was mailed from the US on 7/25 but never updates. Is there a way to see if it was ever scanned in China?

Reply8/31/2012 7:51:28 AMMelissa ,   United States

Lisa :9/1/2012 6:29:32 PM

You may askt the receiver in China to go to the local post office t have a check.

i was send a parsal in shenzhen (china) from india at 6th agust 2012 on 15:03:26 (time) . Parsal slip no is RH013026032IN . But it still did not dilivered . India post help line saying its already crossed bejing and 20th agust. And this time this parsal in 518040 pincode city means shenzhen. But when my reciver ask to shenzhen postoffice. They saying not parsal come from india. Please help us to find it. Thank yu

Reply8/31/2012 9:17:26 AMpardeep ,   India

Jack :9/1/2012 6:32:50 PM

You should go to yoru local post office where you sent out the parcel in Indian to make a fully check about this. Maybe something wrong during the posting.

RA594219431CN has said posting since the 13/8/2012 any idea how long it takes and also the location pls thanks joe?

Reply8/20/2012 8:36:34 AMjoe hydes ,   United Kingdom

suuny :8/20/2012 6:56:04 PM

around 2 weeks.

I sent a package from Spain to China, Beijing. The last information i have, is, that the package left Spain, since 8 days. Now i have no idea where it is, the tracking number is: RR494374504ES, could you please help me? Thanks

Reply8/17/2012 3:01:23 AMAnna ,   Spain

Lilian :8/19/2012 8:09:16 PM

since your package is sent from Spain, you should track it through the local postal service.

Hi, I bought an item from aliexpress from China.

Seller said he sent it on July 19 and gave me this tracking number

But china post web page does not work and i can't find any tracking information.
I'm really worried that i've been scammed.
can someone help me? Please

Reply7/22/2012 3:09:27 PMEliana ,   Peru

Peter :7/22/2012 6:25:52 PM

cannot find any information about the item, either.
maybe the item is still not being delivered because it was weekends on July the 21st and 22nd. try to track it a few days later.

I sent a package to Beijing by USPS Express Mail. It arrived in Beijing and delivery was attempted on July 3rd. I can not find out any additional information. Can you help me track this package?

EI 275881370 US

Reply7/20/2012 7:05:11 PMAustin ,   United States

Hank :7/20/2012 8:15:26 PM

the statue on July 3 was "Addressee not available - Will attempt delivery on next working day"
so are you sure you put the write addressee?
i think you should contact the USPS.

please help me RB127458707CN. No information is already 8 days

Reply7/13/2012 2:13:35 AMgalina ,   Bulgaria

Please help. The seller gave me a tracking number on July 5, but when I try to follow gives me an error. RB127458707CN

Reply7/12/2012 6:56:19 AMgalina ,   Bulgaria

Hi I am trying to track a package that I sender home from Shanghai to Sao Paulo Brasil. If you could please help me!!

Reply6/29/2012 2:04:42 AMAndre ,   Brazil

Alicia :6/29/2012 7:48:20 PM

you can track it through a your local post office, as i found it was transferred at Japan on June 19, and it might be on the way to Brazil or already arrive Brazil.

i buy item from china and she said that she send by china post she give this tracking number RA370458215CN i have not recieved yet please help me if anyone can help

Reply6/24/2012 10:07:34 PMshoaib ,   Pakistan

Ginger :6/25/2012 7:38:11 PM

your item was delivered from Shenzhon on June 20th, and arrive in Guangzhou the next day. the last status of it is that it was at Guangzhou customs on June 22, 2012, and the Guangzhou Customs released it on the same day. so i guess your item is on the way to Pakistan, just wait patiently.

RA104067990CN details of item & statue

Reply6/13/2012 3:24:47 AMHatim ,   Oman

Alice :6/19/2012 7:09:29 PM

no information can be found currently. you may have a check at the local post office in your home.

Hatim ( Oman ) :6/18/2012 8:39:06 PM

I would like to know still my order in China or it is on the way or arrived in my country

Hatim ( Oman ) :6/14/2012 4:08:19 AM

May I know how long does it take to receive.
It was long time in custom

Diana :6/13/2012 6:06:47 PM

Hi Hatim,
the item was at the Shanghai customs on June 12, 2012.