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What is the best transportation should i take from Lee Garden Service Apartments, Dong cheng to Great Wall and we are a family 6 adults and 2 children

Reply6/6/2010 11:47:00 PMHow Lee Fong ,   Malaysia

Bella :6/7/2010 9:26:00 PM

which section of Great Wall would you like to go? there are Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall, Juyongguan Great Wall, Huanghuacheng Great Wall, and Wohushan Great Wall.

arrive beijing 3/31 at 8pm.how much are the cost,by subway,airport bus and taxi from airport to chongwenmen marriott.pls. email also the details and fees.thank you very much for the great help.lastly, how can we go to olympic village from chongwenmen,can we go inside and tour there?how much?thanks.whats the best options for airport transfer and pls. emails me the fares so we can decide what to take.

Reply3/23/2010 4:22:00 AMjoyce ,   Philippines

David :3/23/2010 9:01:00 PM

I think you may take the airport express to Dongzhimen first, which costs about CNY25, and then take subway Line 2 to Chongwenmen, which costs CNY2.

If we cannot find a van at a reasonable price, what is the next best option? We are going to stay in Sunworld Hotel. We cannot book taxi because there are five of us. I thought of going to Badaling via the subway. What is the best time to avoid the morning crowd? Tks

Reply3/15/2010 4:11:00 AMHo ,   China

Owen ( Egypt ) :3/15/2010 8:50:00 PM

Do not take the subway at the time when the people in beijing are going to their office.

How can we go to the Days Inn Forbidden City from the Capitol Airport? via airport bus or train/subway.

Thank you

Reply3/7/2010 11:54:00 PMAngel 2 ,   Philippines

Linda ( Italy ) :3/8/2010 7:56:00 PM

You may take the Airport Express to Dongzhimen firstly and then take a taxi to the hotel.


I am travelling from Singapore to Beijing. i would like to know what is the distance from the Beijing international Airport to Great wall of China. Also i am staying at Sofitel, can u also let me know how far is great wall from Sofitel?

Reply3/4/2010 9:25:00 PMNithya ,   Singapore

Dave :3/5/2010 8:23:00 PM

Geat Wall in Beijing is distributed in different places, and Badaling may be the nearest, which is about 100 kilometers from the capital airport. Simatai is about 150 kilometers away from the airport.
It is further from Sofitel to the Great Wall than that from the airport.

Hi I'm going to stay jade palace hotel in beijing for few days. after I want to go tianjin airport by bus. Can you tell me where I can get a bus & how much the cost? Thank You.

Reply1/25/2010 11:58:00 PMwilliam chan ,   Canada

Daniel :1/26/2010 7:43:00 PM

You may first go to Zhaogongkou Long Distance Bus Station, and then take the long-distance bus from Beijing to Tianjin.

My husband and I will be visiting Beijing next week, for 4 days. We will stay at Forbidden City area. Is there a reliable local tour agent for us?

Reply6/10/2009 3:25:00 AMMrs Low, Singapore ,   Singapore

BEIJING HEAD ( United States ) :1/19/2010 1:42:00 PM



From January 24th to 31th, I will stay in the Sheraton Great Wall Hotel in Beijing.
What is the distance in minutes or km to the nearest subway station (Nongzhanguan?)?

Thanks in advance.

Reply1/5/2010 9:07:00 AMWim Neven ,   Belgium

Linda :1/5/2010 7:46:00 PM

About 0.30 kilometres.

What is the cheapest way to get to badaling from beijing airport?

Reply12/3/2009 11:16:00 PMHwang Foo Shen ,   Malaysia

Daniel ( Cyprus ) :12/4/2009 8:23:00 PM

Take Bus No. 359 from the Beijing Capital Airport to Dongzhimen, transfer to Bus No. 815 to Deshengmen, and then change to Bus No. 919.

Is there any airport express bus to Marco Polo Parkside Hotel (near Bird Nest Olympics stadium)? How much will be the taxi fare if I take taxi. Or can you suggest the best way of transport to use. Thanks

Reply11/4/2009 1:00:00 AMHelen ,   Singapore

Coco ( China ) :11/5/2009 8:04:00 PM

Since you are three, you may choose to take a taxi. The cost from airport to Bird's Nest should be no more than 30 yuan.

Helen ( Singapore ) :11/5/2009 2:48:00 AM

I guess the weather is relatively cold now in Beijing. There are 3 of us, how much does it cost if we take taxi?

Coco Zeng ( China ) :11/4/2009 9:26:00 PM

The best way from airport to Bird's Nest should be taking the airport bus No. 2 to Sanyuanqiao then transfer to the metro line 10 to Beitucheng, then take Line 8 to Olympic Sports Center.

How do I get to Great Wall from Cinderella Apartment?

Reply10/1/2009 12:34:00 AMsri ,   Malaysia

Hi coming to beiging staying at presidentail, plaza Xicheng district, with children please can someone tell me what is the cheapest way to visit great wall from here?
Thank you

Reply10/1/2009 4:07:00 AMSharon ,   France

I am arriving at Bejiing airport on March 25th 2010 from Sydney at 11.15am ,and have to join a cruise ship at Tianjiin.What is the best way to get to the port please.

Reply9/30/2009 10:53:00 AMneil hershman ,   United Kingdom

Hi, Tom
You can purchase the ticket for Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Train two days in advance. But usually there's no need to do so since the bullet train departs very 15 minutes. The prices are 69 yuan for first class seat and 58 yuan for second class seat.

Reply9/22/2009 9:33:00 PMbeijingren ,   China

I would like to take the Bullet train from Beijing South Station to Tang Gu Railway Station. I shall arrive Beijing on the 3rd Oct. Do I have enough time to get train ticket for the 5th Oct? When does South Station open, I would like to purase the train ticket as early as possible. What are the prices??

Reply9/21/2009 10:30:00 PMTom

Wow! What a great website. I need some help here. I plan to go to:
1.Great Wall
2. Wang Fu Jing
3. Xiu Shui Market / Silk Street
4. Xi Dan
5. Hong Qiao Market
6. Forbidden City
7. Summer Palace
8. Temple of Heaven
9. Beijing Zoo
10. Olympic Attraction (Bird Nest, Water Cube)
11. National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing (known as the Egg)
12. How do I go the Grand Hyatt Beijing from Shangdi?

How do I get there? Preferably but subway and bus. Taxi is ok, if needed. If I need to walk from subway to bus stop etc, is it easy? Because I can't speak Chinese language. Otherwise, by taxi is ok, but it is expensive?

Appreciate if you can help me, couldn't find any reliable source. Thank you. hope to hear from you soon.

Reply9/17/2009 9:33:00 PMsri ,   Malaysia

BeijingTrip.com :9/17/2009 10:28:00 PM

Thanks for your inquiry.

The Grand Hyatt is very near Wangfujing pedestrian street. You may choose to go from Shangdi to Wangfujing by bus: catch the Bus No. 814 to Xin Dong An Shi Chang (Xindongan Market). Then you can walk to your hotel which is less than one kilometer away from the bus stop.

My hotel is near Tinamen Square, Jinjing Inn, where can i get an Shuttle Bus to the airport, and how much will it cost. What time does the shuttle bus start, as my flight is at 8.30, how long will it take to the airport?thanks

Reply9/11/2009 6:34:00 AMKirby ,   Malaysia

BeijingTrip.com :9/12/2009 2:45:00 AM

Thanks for your inquiry.

There is no direct airport bus from Tiananmen Square to Beijing International Airport. You may take a bus or taxi to Xidan Aviation Building. The airport bus leaves every 15 minutes. The traveling time is at most one hour.

dear Sir/ Madame: how much would it cost for a taxi Ride from the Airport to the Hilton (4 people). ? Advises. Thank you

Reply9/4/2009 6:53:00 AMPelayo Correa ,   United States

BeijingTrip.com :9/4/2009 10:30:00 PM

Thanks for your inquiry.

The Hilton Hotel is located on Dongfang Road in Chaoyang District. It would cost around 80 RMB for a taxi ride from Beijing Airport to Hilton. But if you may choose the airport bus to Sanyuanqiao which is very near the hotel. The price is only 16 RMB.

Can I please buy two tickets from Beijing to Changde on 06 or 07 or 08 September. The earliest train available which I believe it is at 6a.m. And then the latest train from Chengde to Beijing which I think it is the No. 4414 which leaves at 22:50 and No. 4454 which leaves at 22:23. What time we will arrive in Beijing? What is the cost per person?

Reply8/26/2009 4:34:00 AMFlavia Rezende ,   Brazil

BeijingTrip.com :8/26/2009 9:31:00 PM

The No.4414 arrives in Beijing at 3:59am; the No.4454 leaves from Chengde at 9:49pm and arrives in Beijing at 3:31am. The price for hard seat is 20 RMB.

Which long distance bus station in Beijing has bus going to PingYao? is there a bus schedule? and what is the cost? Thanks for all the helpful info from your site.

Reply8/24/2009 2:31:00 PMHelen ,   Malaysia

BeijingTrip.com :8/24/2009 11:24:00 PM

Thanks for your question.

Currently there is no long-distance bus from Beijing to Pingyao. Here we suggest you go there by train and you may choose from K603, 1163 and 2602 and the ticket prices for hard seat are respectively 92, 81 and 55 RMB. The train journey is a little more than 12 hours.