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hi I have to stay at Forbidden City Hotel. Address: 5, Nanheyan Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing. What is the best way to go to the hotel from beijing south railway station?

Reply7/22/2014 10:07:25 AMbenita ,   Indonesia

Eillen ( Chile ) :7/27/2014 3:43:11 AM

It is best to take a taxi to arrive exactly. Apart from that, you can take subway line 4 at the train station to Xidan, where transfer to line 1 to get off at Tiananmen East. Then walk out from exit B and you can walk to your hotel in around 1,000 meters.

Hello, I'm thinking of traveling to China in late August early September and wanted to know if you know of an airport service that will pick me up at the airport and assist me to my hotel. Also I've been told that as an American I have to get a special visa. Is this true?

Thanks in advance,

Reply7/7/2014 11:06:47 PMGreg ,   Korea, Republic Of

Shana ( Australia ) :7/10/2014 3:54:44 AM

As I know, most airports don't provide such service, but you can turn to an agent. I used the pick-up and see-off services of Travel China Guide. They were so helpful. If needed, here is their email for your convenience:

Hi! I am a first time traveler to Beijing. Can you help me with directions from Beijing Capital airport to No. 161 Hotel, Dongcheng District.
train and bus routes will be greatly appreciated.

Reply7/9/2014 6:48:09 AMyanskie ,   Philippines

Amir ( Switzerland ) :7/10/2014 3:59:29 AM

Take shuttle bus line 2 to Yonghegong Lama Temple. Then walk to Yonghehong metro station to catch subway line 5 to get off at Dongsi station. Get out from exit D and you can easily walk to your hotel.

To travel by train for the whole trip, take Express Train to Dongzhimen and then transfer to metro line 2 to Chaoyangmen. After that, change to line 6 to Dongsi and walk to your hotel.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I have to change airports in Beijing. I will arrive at Nanyuan Airport and must change to Beijing Capital Airport. I have oversized, extended luggage. One case is too big to fit in a taxi. How can I best change the airports? How long will it take to change the airports? Many thanks for advice in advance.
Best regards Maria

Reply6/18/2014 9:07:12 AMMaria Jammernegg ,   China

Brenda :6/21/2014 5:54:46 AM

i think the best way for you is to take the airport shuttle buses.
take the bus from Nanyuan airport to Xidan, and change to the shuttle bus to the Capital airport. it takes about 2.5 hours.

My husband and I will arrive at Beijing international airport terminal 3 at around 4pm. After the immigration and getting the luggages most likely around it will be between 5.30-6pm, we like to go to Inner Mongolia Grand Hotel. Can you tell me what is the total cost of the taxi fare for both of us and how long it take to get to the hotel?

If we are taking the airport express train and then change to line 2, which sounds quite easy but we aren't sure which subway is the closest to Inner Mongolia Grand Hotel?

If we have to walk to the hotel, how far is it from the subway station and is it safe to walk in the evening?

We are seniors, we just want to make a better choice.

Reply5/25/2014 8:54:45 PMMary ,   Canada

Gorden ( United States ) :5/26/2014 3:32:01 AM

Since you reach the airport at the evening peak time, it is hard to tell the taxi fare. During the peak time, you probably will meet the traffic jam, which result in many uncertain reasons.

If you travel in ordinary time, the taxi fare is around 90 to 100RMB for your trip.

If you want to use the subway, you can take the airport express to Dongzhimen Station and change to line 2 to Chongwenmen Station. Get out of the station from Exit A and walk along the Chongnei Avenue to your hotel in around 10 minutes. It is safe to walk in the evening, so take it easy.

Hello everyone!
I am coming from Xi'an by a fast train, can someone help me - 1. what is the easiiest way to get FROM THE STATION to Tiananmen, Forbidden city, and (any side of)the Great wall ? Thanks!

Reply2/13/2014 6:46:07 AMJelena ,   China

Rita :3/14/2014 5:37:05 AM

to get to Tiananmen and Forbidden City, you can take a subway line 9 from Beijing West Railway station to Military Museum and change to line 1 to Tiananmen East station.
if you visited Tiananmen and Forbidden City, i suggest that you go to the Great Wall the next day, as you will be very tired and there isn't sufficient time for the Great Wall.

we have stop for 13hours want to see greatwall and forbidden city arrive at airport 4am departs 8pm beijing can you please give me some idea what to do

Reply1/20/2014 8:20:55 PMEileen Cortes ,   Philippines

Jeremy :3/14/2014 5:39:43 AM

it will be very tired and time-consuming if you visit by yourself. the best choice for you is to book a one-day tour including pick up service.

We are teachers from a State University in the Phil. We'll be arriving Terminal 2 Beijing Capital Airpot. Could you suggest cheap Inn/Hotel located enar wangfujing, since we are on a tight budget. How do we get there from the Airpot by bus or taxi, how much would it cost. Thanks Edna

Reply10/25/2013 6:45:52 PMDolores V. Barroso ,   Philippines

Amy :10/27/2013 7:39:54 PM

cheap hotels near Wangfujing:
Beijing Wangfujing Chunhao Hotel Guanganmen, Rong Feng Holiday Inn Wangfujing, Dawan Hotel Wangfujing, Donghua Hotel, Piao Home Inn (Wangfujing), and No.161 Hotel.

From the airport, you can take subway airport express line to Dongzhimen, and then line 2 to jiangguomen, and then line 1 to Wangfujing Station.

Hope you can help me.
We have 1 free day. We would like to go to Fragrant hill park, Beihai Park and best market that you can suggest. We are staying in No.12 Xin Si Hutong, Dong Si Shi'er Tiao,Dongcheng, 100007 Beijing. Can you suggest how to get to those sight attractions and by what mode of transpo is the best. We are 3 adults and a 1 year old baby. Thanks

Reply10/8/2013 4:59:13 AMDayns ,   Philippines

Emma :10/8/2013 7:49:48 PM

from your hotel, take walk Zhangzizhong subway station to take subway line 5 to Dongsi, and then change to line 6 to Haidian Wuluju. transfer to bus No.698 and alight at Xiangshan (Fragrant Hill) after 12 stops.

then from the East Gate of Fragrant Hill Park, take bus No. 563 to Beigongmen subway station, and transfer to subway line 4. get off at Xisi station. leave from Exit D and walk east to the Beihai Park.

as for the best market, i suggest Xiushui Market.

i don't think you can finish the three sites within one day. the Fragrant Hill Park will spend most of the day.

Beihai Park is actually very close to your hotel, and can be reached by subway line 5 to Dongsi and transfer to line 6 to Beihai North. so you can visit it at a free afternoon.

Hi! What is the best way to go from Capital Airport to South Railway Station. How long it takes. Our flight arrives at 3.15p.m. and Train to Qingdao leaves from South Railway Station at 5.16p.m. Is it possible to reach? And is the stops names written in subways and trains also in english letters?

Reply9/18/2013 1:19:17 PMEpp ,   Estonia

Susan :9/21/2013 7:30:05 PM

i'm not sure if you can catch the train, but the fastest way is to take a subway, taking about 1.5 hours.
from the airport, take subway airport express line to Dongzhimen, then change line 2 to Xuanwumen station, and then line 4 to Beijing South Railway Station.
the subway stations also written in English, and there are also English broadcast in the carriage and at stations.

Hi there. We arrive in Beijing on 02 August at about 0230am. We need to catch a long distance bus to Dongying.

1. Where can we get this?
2. How do we get there?
3. What time is the first bus.


Reply7/21/2013 7:03:48 PMAdam ,   Thailand

Mars :7/21/2013 7:44:50 PM

you can take the bus from Bawangfen Long-distance Bus Station.
you have a short rest in the airport and then take the first subway airport express line to Dongzhimen station, then line 2 to jianguomen and change to line 1 to Dawang Road station. leave from Exit B and walk south along the road for about 800 meters you will find the Bawangfen Coach Station. the earliest bus leaving for Dongying at 07:30. and it takes about 6 hours and costs CNY 171 per person.


Three of us will be coming to Beijing on 17th afternoon. Can you suggest a reliable agency to book a car to visit great wall, temple of heaven, tianman square during 17th afternoon and 18th morning hours ? What would be the cost ?

Reply5/12/2013 8:10:33 AMThilak ,   Sri Lanka

Ashley :5/13/2013 8:01:00 PM

Beijingtrip is a reliable travel agency, and you can try to book a two day trip including airport picking-up service at:

Dear Please tell me how far kilometer from Citytel Inn Hotel Beijing to Wall Of China

Reply4/20/2013 1:48:09 AMMANI ,   United Arab Emirates

Cathy :4/22/2013 7:44:54 PM

about 70 km.

Hallo everyone, I'll be arrive at Beijing Capital Airport, I want to go to Haidian District, do you have any idea I could reach there? by public transportation please, thank you

Reply4/4/2013 11:22:14 PMOli ,   Indonesia

Oli ( Indonesia ) :4/9/2013 9:44:56 PM

Dear Olivia, thank you so much

Olivia :4/8/2013 7:58:28 PM

that is easy. take airport shuttle bus line 6 to its last stop, and then take a taxi to your hotel.
the bus fare is CNY 16 per person, and the taxi fare is about CNY 25.

Oli ( Indonesia ) :4/8/2013 5:57:56 PM

Dear Olivia, I want to go to Victory Star Inn, here is the address No 68 Zhufang Road Qinghe District, Beijing, 100085 China, Thank you so much for your reply, really appreciate it

Olivia :4/6/2013 7:31:10 PM

Haidian district is very big. i can tell you the way only if you provide the name and address of your hotel or the place you are going to visit.

We are arriving at Beijing terminal 3 on the 29th March please could you give me some options to get to the Crowne Plaza hotel in Wangfujing, also costs. Could you also give me the best option and costs to the cruise terminal Leam Chabang Tianjin INTL.We would like to do the great wall easy section, any advice on cost ,how to get there.
Many thanks in advance , lpooking forward to hearing from you.

Reply3/19/2013 9:55:39 AM.Beverley ,   United Kingdom

David :3/19/2013 6:57:05 PM

if you have two or three people, then you can take a taxi to the hotel, and the taxi fare is around CNY 80. if you have four or more, then you can take the airport shuttle bus line 2 to West of Andingmen Bridge (CNY 16 per person), and then take a taxi to the hotel (CNY 20 per cab).to get to the Tianjin cruise terminal, you can either take a taxi or walk to the Dengshikou subway station to take subway line 5 to Chongwenmen, then line 2 to Xuanwumen, and then line 4 to Beijing South Railway Station. from there take a bullet train to Tanggu railway staion, Tianjin, then take a taxi to the cruise terminal. the Badaling Great wall is well developed and has good facilities. your hotel is near to the Tiananmen Square, you can get to the south end of the square and join in a one-day tour at the Hub of Beijing Tourist Dispatch, opposite to the KFC, near Qianmen. the cost is CNY 160 per person. you can also book a one -day tour through Beijingtrip.com, they will pick up you at your hotel, and escort you for a trip to the attractions you want to go. book a tour at:http://www.beijingtrip.com/travel/one-day-packages.htm

After reaching Beijing Airport I would like to have some chinese Currencty CNY. I can carry cash Australian dollar or can use travel card. Please suggest me the place and means in the airport to obtain CNY. If possible, send me a map of the airport which shows currency exchange booth and also the train ticket office.
A Miah

Reply3/7/2013 10:45:58 PMA Miah ,   Australia

Kate :3/8/2013 6:31:24 PM

there are banks and ATMs in the terminal building,so you can carry either cash or card. i suggest you take some cash. as for the currency exchange booth, you will find many at the arrival hall.
the train ticket offices are located at the first floor in the Arrival Hall of T2 and No.22 check-in counter on the fourth floor in the Departure Hall of T3.

We, two will be reach Beijing Airport (PEK) on 13/4/13 at 14:35. We will 4 nights in Beijing .Please suggest me (1)how to reach Forbidden City hotel, 5 Nanheyan St, (2)the easiest and economic way to visit forbidden city, great wall, tiananmen square, Temple of heaven, Hutongs, Olympic Stadium,Houhal Lake, Lame temple(3) muslim food near the hotel. Thank you.

Reply3/6/2013 10:38:29 PMA Miah ,   Australia

Bonnie :3/7/2013 6:21:10 PM

1) take the airport shuttle bus line 3 to the last stop (Beijing Railway Station), and take a taxi to the hotel. The fare for the shuttle bus is CNY 16 per person and the taxi cost is CNY 15. In the afternoon, you can have a good rest.
2) your hotel is very close to the Tiananmen Square and the forbidden City, so you can walk there can visit them for the second morning. in the afternoon, after you leave the Forbidden City from its north gate, you can take a bus No.124 for 5 stops to Gulou (Drum Tower) stop and walk northward to the Houhai Lake and visit the hutongs.
The third day, take a bus No.82 for 7 stops to Dulou Qiaonan and change to subway line 2 to Xizhimen. leave the station from Exit A to the Beijing North Railway Station. There you can take the train to Badaling Great Wall.
In the fourth day, you can visit the Temple of heaven, Lama Temple, and Olympic stadium. take a bus No. 2 from your hotel for 4 stops to the West Gate of Temple of Heaven (Tian Tan Xi Men). then in the afternoon, leave the temple of heaven from its east gate and take subway line 5 to the Lama temple, Afterward, take the subway line 2 from Lama temple to Guloudajie station, and change to line 8 to the Olympic stadium.
3. there are some restaurants selling muslim food near on the Nanheyan Street of your hotel. walk southward for about 250 meters, you will find some, or walk northward and turn left, you will find two restaurants.

We two will be reaching Beijing on 13/4/3 and will be staying at Forbidden City hotel for 4 nights. we intend to take G87 train to travel on 17/3/13 from Beijing West station to Xian North. Would you please suggest how can I get ticket and ensure journey on that day? Also let me know the luggage weight limit in train?

Reply3/6/2013 3:51:44 AMABU MIAH ,   Australia

Emily :3/6/2013 5:09:47 PM

there are train ticke office at the Capital airport, so you can book the train ticket upon your arrival in Beijing. or you can book the ticket online at:
the Beijingtrip.com will deliver the tickets to your hotel.
the luggage limit is: 20 kg (44 pounds)
and the total length of each item cannot exceed 160 cm.

is it better take taxi or subway for 4 adults from capital aiport to citytel inn hotel(C,D Block, Nanheyan Street, Dongcheng District - Beijing) ?

And how much the cost to get to citytel inn hotel from capital airport by taxi?


Reply3/5/2013 12:28:44 AMrina ,   Indonesia

cipto :3/5/2013 4:57:57 PM

the taxi fare for one cab from the airport to the hotel is around CNY 100, but not more than CNY 150. so it will be cheaper if you four can take one taxi than taking the subway.

Hi... what is the best and cheaper way to go Citytel Inn Hotel (C,D Block, Nanheyan Street, Dongcheng District - Beijing) from capital airport ?

Reply3/3/2013 11:54:13 PMrina ,   Indonesia

May ( China ) :3/4/2013 5:11:51 PM

the best way it taking subway.
take the subway airport line to Dongzhimen, and then line 2 to Jianguomen, and line 1 to Wangfujing. leave the subway station from Exit C and walk west along the East Chang'an Avenue for about 450 meters and turn right to the Nanheyan Street, and go down the street for about 350 meters, you will find the hotel.