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Hi dear,
i order some good form china, theses good received Beijing airport 14 th of April 2014, but still i didn't receive it , what happened my good help me, here is my tracking number RB224365496CN

Reply4/23/2014 3:47:06 AMindunil ,   Sri Lanka

Tina :4/23/2014 9:58:53 PM

no further information was found. it should be on the way. just be patient.

can you tell me where my parcel is? tracking number : RC616465065CN

Reply4/18/2014 7:40:15 AMO razkoo ,   Pakistan

Bill :4/20/2014 10:12:18 PM

it was at Guangzhou airport on April 19th.

Export Customs Scan Shanghai 20140324
its a parcel which i send
from Greece to China. Stuck
there "Unsuccessful delivery"
i wont to come back how?

Reply4/20/2014 6:25:55 AMGreg ,   Greece

Bella :4/20/2014 10:17:06 PM

you can ask the receiver to contact the loacal post office for detailed information.

I bought some shoes on 03.03.14

its been 10 days now and the status says 2014-04-04 00:00, 交航, PEK, 英国

I have no idea but I guess its in Beijing...
I don't know how long will take or anything... nut im worried

my tracking number is RC113746955CN

Reply4/14/2014 9:36:48 AMelena ,   United Kingdom

Emma :4/14/2014 8:47:03 PM

Hi elena,
there is an update of your shoes:

i guess you will receive them soon.

Hello good evening,
Can you please help me and check if package RE914682649SE
Destination Portugal, is still at the Beijing Airport.
Thank you.

Best Regards


Reply4/14/2014 5:28:23 PMJorge ,   Portugal

Linda :4/14/2014 8:57:00 PM

the latest status is:
2014-04-13 14:00, Order in transit
so it is now on the way to Portugal, just be patient.

Can any1 help with this tracking plz?
Much appreciated

Reply4/4/2014 5:39:56 PMChris ,   United Kingdom

Brenda :4/7/2014 10:00:42 PM

it arrived at beijing airport on April 3rd.

My item Order No. 82941 is showing as: has been shipped out via airmail from China Post.
Tracking number: RC622370199CN with location 10010200 - China Post

Can you Please have an update on the same when i will be receiving my order

Reply4/2/2014 5:46:09 AMdcosta ,   India

Nina :4/2/2014 8:52:53 PM

the last status of your item is:
3/24/2014 8:16:00 AM
Send item abroad (EDI-received)
it was by air.
so just be patient, it is still on the way.

I ordered a package from china and up to now i cant receive it my tracking number is RC159451793CN.plz help mi

Reply3/29/2014 7:39:08 PMasha ,   Jamaica

David :3/30/2014 10:02:24 PM

you can try to track your package online at any tracking website or the official site of China Post.

My tracking number is RA117225779CN and I ordered over a two months ago it has said  Departure from outward office of exchange in location 10010200 could u tell me how much longer Im looking at. Im moving soon

Reply3/19/2014 7:40:46 AMamber ,   United States

Olivia :3/19/2014 10:15:40 PM

Hi amber,
r u sure you ordered it two months ago?
i checked the tracking info. but found the local postal offical in Beijing just collected it on March 12, 2014 and the last status said it was sent to the USA by air on March 14. so just be patient, i think you will soon receive it.

can you check my trake please?

Reply3/3/2014 7:40:07 AMneritan ceci ,   Albania

Lily :3/14/2014 5:00:40 AM

it reached Beijing Airport on Mar. 4, 2014.

RC060595995CN 2014 Opening 51003100 NL
20140216 0905 .

what is status Opening ?

thanks !!!

Reply2/20/2014 12:45:24 AMjc ,   Netherlands

Hebe :3/14/2014 5:01:33 AM

Opening means it was being checked at the customs.

Hello my order number is RB204511654CN and my location number is : 51003100 i dont know what it means but i ordered it like a montg ago and im sick of waiting can u please tell me where it is or when it will be here ? Thanks.

Reply2/19/2014 4:02:56 AMmr joel ,   Netherlands

Hi I have an little package and the tracking number is RC509924117CN and if some one can tell me what open means and could tell me about how long it will take so I'll know to look for it it says its in Beijing's since the 27th

Reply2/2/2014 10:24:07 AMsusan ,   United States

Can anyone help me.and tell.me when i should receive my package my tracking number RC509921549CN

Reply1/31/2014 6:27:31 AMjames ,   United States

I have a package with following track number: RA684530430CN
Stuck smewhere since 26 December 2013. Now 28 January 2014. Still no change on track info.
Please help me to check where is my package right now.

Reply1/28/2014 11:37:47 AMRobert ,   Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

could u let me know please, wheres my parcel? RB877739894CN

Reply1/18/2014 10:58:25 AMRB877739894CN ,   Lithuania

My order number is

RC181729761CN, Location is PEK, Status is NULL on 28 12 2013, Please where is my item?

Reply1/17/2014 1:11:55 AMNwigwe Rosemary ,   Nigeria

I want to know where is my order RB878099693CN

Reply1/16/2014 12:38:47 PMHamo ,   Armenia

Please help me track my package:
1. RB563448139CN
2. RC312141131CN

Reply1/10/2014 12:41:08 AMH ,   Indonesia

hi! my item is laying at beijing since 12/10/13. trackin code is RB465534380CN. when it woll leave beijing?

Reply1/4/2014 7:23:06 AMHANUMANT ,   India