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I lost my cellphone, in terminal 2 this morning. My flight was cz 317 Beijing to Seoul. I'm not sure where I lost it but I think I lost it somewhere between the scanning and flight. It is a samsung anycall sch-w420, it is black and it is a touch phone. If you found anything like it, can you please contact me?

Thank you

Reply10/25/2009 8:30:00 AMSanghyun ,   Korea, Republic Of


I lost my wallet (long and green with embroidered flowers on it) at TERMINAL 6 this morning. My flight number was CZ 317 Beijing to Seoul, Korea. I believe I left it near the seat, while I was waiting for my flight. If found, please contact me immediately - there are several extremely important identification cards/credit cards inside.

If it is not found near the terminal, the only other place it could be would be at the Starbucks near TERMINAL 6. I have already contacted the airplane staff, who did not find it.

My phone number in Korea is 010-8240-2358. My e-mail is jessi.quick@gmail.com.

Reply8/3/2009 1:58:00 AMJessica Quick ,   Korea, Republic Of

I seem to have lost my cell phone, I removed from my bag for scanning at the screening station 5:20 pm Mon. June 29, 2009 in the International departures area of TERMINAL 3 (just prior to the E train transfer train to the outer gates.)
Red and silver, Canadian Olympic emblem in a black leather case. Is there a number that will allow me to reach LOST and FOUND at the station itself ? If anyone saw it and turned it in, please advise by e-mail. Thanks. Xie xie.

Reply7/3/2009 9:47:00 AMAndrew Clarke ,   Canada

I left a Black nylon carrying case with a Olympus SP550UZ camera, on May 26th, perhaps at the United Ticket counter or the security check. My friend in Beijing is Amy Liu, and I have asked her to call you to see if it was found. Thank you

Reply5/28/2009 10:26:00 AMKurt J. Roy ,   United States


i have lost my camera..on the marsch 31.. if you find any camera i pleas contact me and i will describe how it looks like..

karin karlsson

Reply4/1/2009 6:06:00 AMKarin Karlsson ,   Sweden

Dear person,
On the second of januari we flew with airnewzealand from Auckland to beijing on fligth NZ 87.Unfortunually we left a Canon SX100 digital camera on board. It was in a grey-black Samsonite cover.

We would very much have it back there are a couple of 100 holiday pictures on it.

With kind regards Harry Maas

Reply1/5/2009 5:52:00 AMHarry maas ,   Netherlands Antilles

I lost my passport today, while exiting the airport in terminal two. If found a big regard awaits.

contact me by email


Reply12/6/2008 1:03:00 PMAnthony Akwenyu