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My Tracking Nr. is RB042596751CN

Where is my package now and ho long before i will get it in Romania?

Reply1/17/2013 11:49:10 AMAlina ,   Romania

antonella ( Italy ) :1/18/2013 6:32:35 PM

Alina enter here
to verify ur track.

Hello. What does staus "Dispatching" mean? Normally how long before it changes to Shipped? Thanx.

Reply1/18/2013 11:56:16 AMd ,   Portugal

Hi. Could you help me tracking this number please?? RA621239662CN
I´m form Perú and I´m waiting long for it. My local post office can´t help me. Thanks

Reply1/18/2013 10:55:19 AMChristian ,   Peru

Hi,my tracking number is RA620094184CN,by checking china post shipment has leaved china 30-11-2012 & still until now not arrived to Saudi Arabia
could you tell me any other information on where the shipment is or it is lost? & THANKS

Reply1/18/2013 7:33:46 AMHICHAM ,   Saudi Arabia


i bought some items they give me my number tracking is RB235879789CN is nearly to me or it's still in China ?And when i should received it?

Reply1/17/2013 7:19:54 AMmarie ,   Peru

MARIE ( Peru ) :1/18/2013 7:08:19 AM


James :1/17/2013 6:43:12 PM

is it sending to Singapore?
the last status shows it was still in China on Dec. 29, 2012, and no further information could be found.

hello can you give me information of a tracking number
and I want to know why the status says it was opened from December 10!, and has not come to my country still!!!

Reply1/18/2013 6:52:06 AMNoe ,   El Salvador

Hi. My tracking number is: RA697444553CN Can anyone tell me where it is and how much longer they think it will take to arrive?

Reply1/18/2013 6:33:20 AMTaylor ,   United States

Hi, my Tracking-Numbers is CL721577787DE.
I have checked the status here: http://intmail.183.com.cn/itemstatus_en.jsp

item No. /Year/Status/Location

CL721577787DE /2012/NULL / 20110600

DestinationCountry /Dat
CN /20130117 0316

what does it means "Status NULL"?

Thank you

Reply1/18/2013 5:24:03 AMGabi ,   Germany

hi my shipment says "opening" and "location: 10010200" what does all this mean?

Reply1/17/2013 3:06:16 PMangel ,   United States

David :1/17/2013 6:53:26 PM

opening means it is opened and being checked in the Chinese customs.
the location refers to Beijing.

My tracking number is RA524621612CN and status is "collection" Can you tell me what that means and where my package is?

Reply1/17/2013 8:10:08 AMMarcia ,   United States

Ashley :1/17/2013 6:46:47 PM

be patient Marcia
the status was:
2013-01-17 6:17 pm Acceptance, Location:CHINA PEOPLES REP

it seems the local post office in China just got your parcel.

Hello my parcel number is
RA610156349CN please can you tell me where is it now and how long will it take to arrive in Bulgaria?


Reply1/17/2013 7:35:23 AMAnton ,   Bulgaria

Fred :1/17/2013 6:44:23 PM

it left Beijing on Jan. 13, 2013.
i guess it is on the way to your country.

Hi my order RA393344327CN stated opening and where is it? Thanks

Reply1/16/2013 8:38:05 PMwayne ,   Singapore

May :1/17/2013 6:28:00 PM

the latest status is:
2013-01-16 15:21
Departure from outward office of exchange, Location: Guangzhou International.
i think you will receive it soon.

Tracking number RA320429335CN. Please tell me where is it!

Reply1/16/2013 5:44:32 AMloginn ,   Canada

Marry :1/17/2013 6:22:33 PM

i'm not sure, but you can not rely on the tracking system too much as it sometimes does not update the information in time.

loginn ( Canada ) :1/16/2013 8:01:38 PM

Thank you so much Marry!
I have checked the status here: http://intmail.183.com.cn/itemstatus_en.jsp
It shows Opening 10010200 since 8 or 9 days. Does that mean Chinese customs keeps it open for inspection that long? And what exactly status shipment means if it's still at customs in Beijing?
Sorry for the nub questions, it's my first order from a Chinese vendor.

Marry :1/16/2013 7:06:43 PM

Date-Time: 2013-01-10 10:54
Event: Opening, Location: Beijing
Status: Shipment

My tracking number is CP169067645CN . Why the status is NULL? and where is it now? thanks

Reply1/15/2013 9:04:47 PMstephan ,   Indonesia

Nina :1/17/2013 6:17:03 PM

try on this website:

stephan ( Indonesia ) :1/16/2013 8:00:59 PM

But, today i tried to track again, and the status still NULL. Which website did you use for tracking? Thanks

nancy :1/16/2013 6:43:21 PM

the current status of your parcel is "Shipment", so i guess it is on the way to your country.

my tracking numbers are CP234419667CN, RA342380121CN, RA342380183CN.and when they will come to turkey,
thank you

Reply1/16/2013 7:19:43 PMayşegül ,   Turkey

Linda :1/17/2013 6:16:18 PM

the first one:2013-01-14 12:20:20 Torbaya Eklendi - İSTANBUL(AVR)(İST ULUSLARARASI KİM/İST ULUSLARARASI KİM) it seems it already arrive in Turkey.

the second one: 2013-01-17 10:43 Departure from outward office of exchange, Beijing

the last one: 2013-01-17 10:43:00 AM Departure from outward office of exchange, Location:BEIJING

jsut wait patiently, i think you will recieve your parcels soon.

hi my travking number is RB001562064CN can you please tell me where it is? thanks

Reply1/17/2013 3:11:41 PMArm ,   Mexico

My tracking number is RA407535111CN and there is no change in the tracking status since 01/08/2013. Can you, please, tell me when would i receive my package. Thanks.

Reply1/17/2013 9:53:16 AMLazhar ,   France

RA620094184CN my item since 30 november still not arrived ,where it is ?

Reply1/17/2013 8:34:25 AMHICHAM ,   Saudi Arabia

Hi, I found this site whilst tracking my parcel and I would like to know if I can get more information from you guys. Tracking number is RA352499837CN and on http://www.17track.net/IndexEn.html its status is 'opening', the whole information looks like this: 20130111 Opening, 出口总包互封开拆, 上海国际, 20110600
Thank you

Reply1/14/2013 12:42:11 PMmaresca ,   United Kingdom

maresca ( United Kingdom ) :1/17/2013 3:15:08 AM

could you, please, update me if there is some more info about my parcel

Thank you

Lisa :1/15/2013 5:28:43 PM

yes, i think so.

maresca ( United Kingdom ) :1/14/2013 11:41:59 PM

is this the last stop before shipment to the UK?

Nina :1/14/2013 6:43:07 PM

it means that your parcel was being checked in the customs in Shanghai.

Can somebody help me please?
my parcel RB289412924CN is in status: "opening"
WHat does it mean? is it blocked by China custom? how long should I wait? do you think I could wish recieve my parcel? thanks

Reply1/16/2013 1:27:56 AMsophy ,   France

Gina :1/16/2013 6:44:58 PM

take it easy,
"opening" means it was checked by the customs, but not blocked.