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Hi, if the status shows RB455758215CN 2013 Departure from outward office of exchange 10010200 RO 20130910 0906, does it mean it has left China or is it still in the aiport.
What does location 10010200 mean?


Reply9/10/2013 9:02:40 PMMiki ,   Romania

Ivy :9/11/2013 7:02:57 PM

the location refers to Beijing. te status means that it left China.

Pls. help me to understand the delivery status of parcel RB091733754CN


Reply9/10/2013 10:58:56 PMMiroslav ,   Czech Republic

Marry :9/11/2013 7:04:27 PM

it was in beijing airport, ready for transport on September 4th.

hi, please tell me where is my package with status " Departure from outward office of exchange location 51003100. thanks.

Reply9/11/2013 2:05:26 AMRhej

Richard :9/11/2013 7:06:08 PM

it means it left the Chinese Customs in guangzhou. it should be on the way or ready to be delivered.

Hello, can you help me to understand the status of this tracking number: RB731250838CN

Reply9/11/2013 11:34:36 AMPilar ,   Mexico

Susan :9/11/2013 7:07:54 PM

it left Beijing on September 10th.

Need to find the status of my package number RB788159195CN

Reply9/11/2013 2:53:53 PMM ,   United States

David :9/11/2013 7:11:33 PM

it was just collected by the local postal office (express serivce) on September 11th. you can check its status with the tracking number later.

Could you please track my registered bundle RB754525884CN current status and in how many days it will be at destination.

Reply9/1/2013 1:29:29 AMMuhammad ,   Pakistan

Mando ( United States ) :9/11/2013 2:43:29 PM

need help with my package RB788159195CN, when should I expect to receive here in the USA in California?

Gina :9/1/2013 6:18:00 PM

your parcel was at Guangzhou Airport, ready for shipment, on September 1st. it will soon reach its destination.

My order was shipped on August 8 2013, have not received yet, today is Sept 7, 2013, shipped from China Post, tracking no
Is RB706737098CN, status is Null. What does mean, should I be concern.

Reply9/7/2013 6:55:56 AMBelinda ,   United States

Bill :9/10/2013 5:55:33 PM

Don't worry. The English tracking information is translated from the Chinese version, but sometimes the status can not be translated correctly.
i have checked the Chinese version for you and it says your parcel left China on August 29th.

Belinda ( United States ) :9/10/2013 6:12:42 AM

Yes, Bill the destination says Georgia, I just checked it again, it's saying null.

Bill :9/8/2013 6:55:21 PM

are you sure?
the tracking information of this parcel shows that its destination is Georgia. It was collected by the local post offical in China on August 16th, and left China on August 29 from Beijing.

Where is the location RB440384534CN?

Reply9/9/2013 7:41:11 AMInes ,   Argentina

David :9/9/2013 6:24:56 PM

your parcel was at Beijing Airport, ready to be sent to your country, on September 5th.

Pls. help me to understand the delivery status of parcel RB091733754CN


Reply9/9/2013 1:25:28 AMMiroslav ,   Czech Republic

Mars :9/9/2013 6:23:26 PM

it was in Beijing Airport, ready to be sent to Czech on September 4th.

please help me to track my pakege. RB586457315CN its my tracking number please tell me where is it and when i could receive it. its a mobile phone. and arriverd from china on 28/08/2013 but last 4 days it showong the null statud please help me..

Reply9/8/2013 9:51:47 PMjawad arshad ,   Pakistan

Bonnie :9/9/2013 6:21:28 PM

it has already arrived in Pakistan, and the last status of September 8th shows that:
08/09/2013 06:58,
Send item to domestic location in Destination Country
i think you will receive it in a few days.

Please Help. MY package has been waiting ailine space since 18th June 2013 (Ghanzouw). Is there not someone I can email or phone at this airport ?

Reply9/5/2013 1:58:34 AMKarl Lokotsch ,   South Africa

Vivien :9/5/2013 6:27:54 PM

the status sometimes does not update in time, and the status will not be shown in the tracking system if the parcel left China.
so you can only wait or try to contact your local postal office.

I have ordered something from the website. I have checked the tracking number and this is what I got: tem No. Year Status Location Destination Country DateRB758931534CN 2013 Collection 51001020 AE 20130903 1818May someone please help me understand if this package has been arrived as it says the status is collection and how will I be able to determine to which post office I should claim my package?

Reply9/4/2013 2:20:37 AMJune ,   United Arab Emirates

Jerry :9/4/2013 6:34:58 PM

no, it is still in China. "Collection" means the parcel was just collected by the local postal office.
I've checked the tracking information and found that your parcel left Guangzhou on September 4th.

item No. RB356433235CN
Year 2013
Status: NULL
Location: 51003100 Destination Country: UA
Date: 20130808 1424.
Please I want to locate where my good is.

Reply9/3/2013 12:08:08 PMTomilayo ,   Ukraine

Amy :9/4/2013 6:29:05 PM

it may be "Arrival at inward office of exchange"

Tomilayo ( Ukraine ) :9/4/2013 12:25:13 AM

What Will the status be when it gets to UA

David :9/3/2013 6:47:45 PM

it left Guangzhou, China on August 8th.

Can you please tell me where is this parcel: RB706990418CN?

Reply9/1/2013 7:51:16 PMeva ,   Argentina

Terry :9/2/2013 5:56:35 PM

it is on the way to Argentina. it takes a few weeks if the parcel is transported by ship.

Can you check the status of my parcel? RB290913928CN Thanks!

Reply8/29/2013 1:41:41 AMPatricia ,   Philippines

Fred :9/2/2013 5:59:14 PM

RF152345755SG, this one arrived in Philippines at the end of July.

Patricia ( Philippines ) :9/1/2013 7:21:53 PM

can you also check where exactly this parcel now?RF152345755SG. thanks!

Emma :9/1/2013 6:10:10 PM

the English status was translated from the Chinese tracking information. NULL is a translation error, and it should be that the parcel was ready for shipment.
CAN is the airport code of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.
so it means that your parcel was at the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and was prepared for shipment.

Patricia ( Philippines ) :8/29/2013 8:07:24 PM

May I know what's the meaning of NULL and CAN for the location?


James :8/29/2013 5:59:14 PM

8/14/2013 9:49:57 AM,
Enroute to delivery office, PHILIPPINES

RB786942011CN 2013 Departure from outward office of exchange 10010200 SG 20130824 1247

Someone help me?

Reply8/31/2013 7:30:39 AMGrace ,   Singapore

Hebe :9/2/2013 6:02:23 PM

it's hard to say. but you will receive it in a few weeks.

grace ( Singapore ) :9/2/2013 6:00:06 PM

How long does it stays at beijing 's airport?

Hebe :9/1/2013 6:16:42 PM

it was at Beijing airport on August 24th.

How long does it stays at beijing 's airport?

Reply9/1/2013 10:08:09 PMgrace ,   Singapore

can you please check if the parcel RB706990418CN already left China?

Reply8/30/2013 5:44:30 PMEVA ,   Argentina

Emma :9/1/2013 6:14:48 PM

yes, it left China.

Where is my package RB627592192CN??

Reply8/30/2013 4:26:18 PMhannah ,   United Kingdom

Kate :9/1/2013 6:13:27 PM

it aleady reached UK on August 30th.


My package with chinapast has said NULL at PEK for the last 4 days, curious as to when it'll leave and head to it's destination in Canada.

Tracking Number is:

Thanks so much!

Reply8/28/2013 11:57:51 PMKodi ,   Canada

Linda :8/29/2013 6:01:18 PM

don't worry. the status means it was in the Beijing Airport and ready to be dispatched to the destination countr on August 25th. it will soon arrive at its destination.