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Hi. One site says this package has left and another says it's waiting on airline space. Where is the package actually at? RB588107630CN

Reply10/19/2013 3:50:43 PMtia

Terry :10/20/2013 7:50:47 PM

the information i found says it has left Guangzhou, China on October 11th.

Ive been tracking my parcel who has to arrive from china for the past few weeks and the status says from 4oct already that its in beijing airport today its 18oct. Tracking number is rb185652135cn. Can anyone please help me with this??

Reply10/18/2013 3:19:40 AMvassilly ,   United Kingdom

Hi can sum 1 pls help track my parcel.expecting it from china but waiting 4 weeks already-tracking number RB450697320CN. Thanx a lot!!!!

Reply10/15/2013 11:11:48 PMmarvin ,   South Africa

David :10/16/2013 7:32:05 PM

it was in Guangzhou Airport, ready to be delivered to South Africa, on Oct. 13.

Hi,im trying to trace my package,
Thank you

Reply10/15/2013 11:17:32 PMasyraf ,   Singapore

Wendy :10/16/2013 7:30:06 PM

the first two have arrived in Singapore.
the last one was still in Shanghai airport, China on Oct. 12.

is there any chance you could tell me the status of my order,tracking number is RA638595963CN. thanks,

Reply10/16/2013 6:45:39 AMmarcos ,   Spain

Hebe :10/16/2013 7:27:36 PM

the status is:
15/10/2013, In transit

Hi I have been waiting for oder for over a month if not longer the tracking nnumber is RB185637969CN I checked this morning it said PEK PEK NUL NUL and now its saying departured from beijing I am just wondering could anyone help me out and let me know how much longer it will take before it reaches me

Reply10/16/2013 9:46:32 AMkristina ,   Ireland

Susan :10/16/2013 7:26:25 PM

it will reach you in a few days, about one to two weeks.

Please can check this

Reply10/15/2013 9:18:41 PMJeelan ,   Saudi Arabia

Tracking Number RB589393698CN
Can someone please tell me what
[MON 10/7/2013 2.59pm
10010200] means I have been waiting for my Parcel which was at Beijing Airport on September 7th 2013

Reply10/15/2013 4:38:44 PMMarir ,   United Kingdom

Hi! I should have received my item from China already, but when I checked this is what I found: status Null, location 10010200. my tracking number is RB746877371CN. Could you help me to find out more? Thanks!

Reply10/14/2013 11:29:06 PMKinga ,   Hungary

Please help,
my parcel RA645478640CN and RB457090211CN is showing that it has been at Beijing Airport since 30/07/13 and 27/07/2013 respectively, can you tell me how much longer it will be there before being shipped out to the Argentina?

Reply10/11/2013 10:54:07 AMJuan Pablo ,   Argentina

Please can someone help me, My parcel RB589393698CN us still listed as at Beijing Airport, it is not coming by Airmail, does anyone know how long it will be before it arrives in the UK, THANKS

Reply10/11/2013 7:37:04 AMMarie ,   United Kingdom

can you tell me when RB368234364CN will be dispatched

Reply10/10/2013 6:06:48 PMSteve ,   Australia

Hi, can you tell me where my package is currently? RB772411044CN

Reply10/10/2013 7:54:04 AMkate ,   Poland

cant understand the tracking system could you please help and tell me where my parcel is now? tracking number is RB889413912CN thanks heaps!! :)

Reply10/9/2013 1:51:30 AMsimon wales ,   Australia

I have tracked my package using several chinapost tracking sites. My package has said "opening" and "awaiting space on air transport" since 9/20. It is a small package, why is there no movement. Tracking number is RB142934409CN . Can you provide me with any information?

Reply10/8/2013 12:51:12 PMTBD ,   United States

hello, can you update me on this order - RB421036797CN? Has been the same status for 7 weeks?

Reply7/15/2013 5:34:34 PM ,   Australia

Andrew Saunders ( Australia ) :10/8/2013 1:21:19 AM

Hello, how long do I have to wait? You say 70 days and it has already been 130 days or nearly 5 months?

Please can you help me?

Is this a scam?

Andrew ( Australia ) :10/3/2013 3:35:36 PM

hello, can you give me an update - it has now been over 130 days since i ordered. Is this a scam?

Ashley :7/15/2013 6:22:08 PM

the last status shows that it was in Bejing on June 3rd. usually it takes 15 - 20 to receive a parcel. if it is send by ship, it will take as long as 70 days. so don't worry, you will receive it.

Hi, can you help me with package RB524419060CN ? The status says OPENING, and in the same location since Sep 09

Reply9/30/2013 8:18:47 AMRodrigo ,   Argentina

Please Track and let me know the status for the tracking ID: RB827436017CN

Reply10/1/2013 6:33:12 AMGobinath ,   India

Still trying to trace these items,thank you

Reply9/27/2013 3:13:37 PMPaul ,   United Kingdom

Paul ( United Kingdom ) :10/1/2013 11:59:56 AM

Hi,Im still trying to trace this item B209823092CN...Thank you

Good day... Want to know where my package is... It has been two weeks from the last update. Mybtracking number is RB771306668CN.

Please help me with this.


Reply10/1/2013 9:43:38 PMAndrescon ,   Dominican Republic