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will you please tell me which railway station is near to Beijing airport(capital international)

Reply5/5/2013 3:39:40 AMsiddiq ,   Pakistan

Rita :5/9/2013 7:23:36 PM

the railway stations are a little far from the airport, but you can take airport shuttle bus or subway to the railway stations.

Can i get the available trian schdule for 7th and 8th April 2013, from Guangzhou to Beijing train station and at what cost. thank you

Reply3/30/2013 2:57:04 AMAKEEM ,   Nigeria

David :4/1/2013 6:54:06 PM

yes, you can check at http://www.beijingtrip.com/china-train/

We will arrive at Beijing airport.
(1) How do we get from the airport to Beijing South Railway Station
(2) Do I need to prepurchase a ticket to Tanggu? Do I have to book on a particular train or can I take the first to go after my arrival?
(3) How do I go from the Tanggu Station to the Tianjin cruise terminal. Will there be taxi's large enough for 4 pax with luggage?

Reply12/29/2012 3:06:24 AMFred ,   Australia

Steven :12/29/2012 6:41:03 PM

1. please take airprot shuttle bus line 10 whose terminus is Beijing south railway station.
2. I advise you book the trian tickets in advance to smooth your trip.
3. yeah, taxi should be convenient for you if you take luggage. One taxi can carry 4 passengers. The luggage can be put in the trunk. Please don't worry.

hello how many hours will it take me by train from beijing west railway station to inner mongolia using the bullet train

Reply11/9/2012 5:53:56 PMella airlorm ,   China

Lily :11/9/2012 6:05:15 PM

which city of Inner Mongolia are you plan to visit?
as i know, there are no bullet trains from Beijing to Inner Mongolia.

Please can someone tell me if large luggage's can be taken into Fast Train? Is there an exrta charge? Thanks Richard

Reply10/16/2012 8:48:10 PMRichard ,   United States

Abby :10/17/2012 6:41:00 PM

yes, it can be taken into Fast train, and no extra charge.

Hi, I will be staying around Wangfujing area. If I want to take a bullet train from Beijing to Shanghai, which train station should i go to in Beijing ? Thank you.

Reply10/1/2012 1:35:42 AMSofyan ,   Indonesia

Susan :10/7/2012 11:41:22 PM

take subway line 1 to Xidan station, then line 4 to Beijing South Railway station to take the bullet train to Shanghai.

Hi. Is there a train from Hengshui, Hebei to Guangzhou? If yes, what is the duration of the trip and the seat fare? Is it possible to book online?

Reply8/28/2012 12:59:51 AMDulce Punzalan ,   Philippines

Mindy :8/28/2012 6:07:39 PM

yes, there is a train No. T253 from Hengshui to Guangzhou. it takes about 21 hours.
you can check the train schedule and fares and book the tikcet at :

What an amazing site this is Guys.

On 10 September a friend and I will travel by G train First Class to Shanghai. We have one normal size suitcase each. Are we able to take it on the train carraige with us?

Many thanks,

John (Sydney)

Reply8/18/2012 12:42:19 AMJohn ,   Australia

Olivia :8/19/2012 8:10:53 PM

Hi John,
i don't think there is any difficult for you to carry the suitcase. just take it easy and enjoy you trip!

Is it possible to find out the distance from The Renaissance Lakeview Hotel on Bin Shui Road in HeXi District, Tianjin to the cruise ship terminal

Reply8/4/2012 8:49:54 AMLee ,   Canada

Lisa :8/5/2012 6:41:55 PM

Do you mean the Tanggu port, Tianjin? It's about 8 km between them.

Hi All
Arriving at Beijing airport at aproxx 10.30pm , how easy is it to get train/ shuttle to city looking forward to traveling on your trains, Thanks.

Reply7/22/2012 1:06:53 PMTrevor Webster ,   United Kingdom

Abby :7/22/2012 6:20:07 PM

Hi Trvor,
there are still shuttle buses from the airport to the city.

Hi. I want to leave my suitcase in Beijing for 3 weeks. Is this okay? Many thanks, Rosanna

Reply7/13/2012 4:50:12 PMrosanna ,   United Kingdom

Helen :7/13/2012 6:58:58 PM

leave your suitcase in the railway station?
it is usually charged by hours. the charges in Beijing West Railway station is CNY 40 for the first day and additional CNY 15 every 12 hours exceeding that, so the total charge for 3 weeks would be CNY 40 + CNY 15 * 40 = CNY 640

Is the second class of train equals to the soft seat?
If I don't have internet,do you have a local phone number in Beijing ,if I don't receive the ticket?
Can you order the CRH ticket from Beijing to Shanghai ?

Reply7/7/2012 8:04:18 AMKaren ,   Canada

Kina :7/7/2012 7:17:46 PM

Second class seat is poorer than a soft seat. I think each booking center should have their phone numbers besides the email address. Yes, the CRH ticket is available.

We will be arriving in Tianjin via cruise ship for one weeks' stay in Beijing.The ship calls into Hong Kong and Shanghai.Can we buy our train tickets in Shanghai two days before arriving in Tianjin and who best to get to the station from the port.

Reply6/18/2012 7:29:03 PMTed Meeuwsen ,   Australia

Emily :6/19/2012 7:11:54 PM

buy the ticket from Tianjin to Beijing in shanghai?
no, you don't need to do that. you can get the ticket when arriv the railway station.
take a taxi to the Tanggu Railway station, and take the train to Beijing.

I will be staying at the Marriott hotel on Jian Guo Rd in Beijing and will be going to Tianjin cruise port in Xingang.
What is the best way to go?
Thank you

Reply5/28/2012 11:03:20 AMLouise Singer ,   Canada

Lisa :6/4/2012 6:17:21 PM

take it easy Louise, there are many taxies outside the Tanggu Railway station, and it is easy to get one.

Louise Singer ( Canada ) :6/4/2012 6:14:17 PM

Thank you Lisa for your info. but I hear it is hard to find a taxi at the Tanggu stn to the cruise port, Is that true? Louise

Lisa :5/28/2012 7:09:50 PM

Hi Louise,
the best way i think is to take a taxi from your hotel to Beijing South Railway station (15 minutes, CNY 30), and take a bullet train to Tanggu station. search the train schedule at:
and then take a taxi to the cruise port (40 minutes, CNY 70)

What is the best way for me to get from Beijing South to my hotel Forbidden City Hotel. Address No.5 Nanheyan Street. Dongcheng District.

Reply5/31/2012 11:22:57 PMKay Noor ,   Malaysia

Jason :6/1/2012 2:59:19 AM

there is no direct subway or bus from the station to the hotel, you can take a taxi. the approximate fare CNY 30.

Hi,from Tianjin rail way station,what bus will I take to visit Chou en lai moseuleum and vice-versa.thank you .

Reply4/27/2012 10:17:14 PMkambalah ,   Philippines

Bruce :4/28/2012 8:11:03 PM

No direct bus, you have to take bus No. 951 from Tianjin Railway Station to Tonglou, transfer to Bus No. 904 to Chou en lai moseuleum, vice versa.

Hi,we will be staying at nanheyan st,dongcheng district. How long will it take for a taxi ride goin to Beijing south railway terminal? And how much taxi fare estimate will it cost. Thanks!

Reply4/20/2012 11:51:18 PMkambalah ,   Philippines

May :4/23/2012 11:06:58 PM

it takes about 20 minutes by taxi, and the fare is around CNY 35.

Hi,is there any china train ticket selling outlets nearby forbidden city. ? Wat is the name of the street.Ty

Reply4/20/2012 3:00:43 PMkambalah ,   Philippines

sara :4/20/2012 7:11:05 PM

there is one located at the first floor of Century Mansion, No. 99, Wangfujing Street.

Arriving at the tianjin port on celebrity. How do I get to and which one of the train stations do I need to get to to go to Beijing.

Reply4/18/2012 6:04:28 PMMike ,   United States

Hank :4/18/2012 7:22:06 PM

Take bus no. 102 to Tanggu railway station to take an inter-city train to Beijing.

Very interesting to know such forum. I would like to experience travelling from beijing to harbin.can you recommend me the easy and comfortable journey by road or railway cuz my holiday include travelling time roughly 8 days only.

Reply3/7/2012 5:27:11 PMeffendy ,   Malaysia

Linda :3/7/2012 6:30:24 PM

you can take the direct train from Beijing to Harbin. train No. Z1 or Z15 departing at night and arrives in the morning can save you much time and the money for hotel :)