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I want to know how to reach Sihui Long Dist. Bus station from North Xiaguan St. Zhongguancun area and take bus to

Reply9/20/2010 6:16:00 AMdoren ,   India

Monica :9/20/2010 9:45:00 PM

you can take subway line 2 at Xizhimen station and get off at Jianguomen station, then change to subway line 4 to Sihui station;
or it is much easier to take a taxi, and it costs about CNY 50.

Hello Beijing trip:

1) Is the bus schedule from Beijing to Datong still the same this year as in 2009?

2) What is the schedule for buses from Datong back to Beijing?


Reply8/31/2010 1:14:00 AMQuan ,   United States

BeijingTrip.com :8/31/2010 9:14:00 PM

Hello Quan,
Thank you for enquring.
1. Usually the bus schedule do not change much. So bus schedule from Beijing to Datong is almost the same as in 2009. The bus still departs every 40 - 60 minutes from Beijing.
2. The buses from Datong to Beijing depart every hour in the day time. The duration is about 4 hours.
Thanks again for visiting www.beijingtrip.com!

hello.. :)

Im planning to go to Shandong province... Is there any direct bus from beijing to Shandong Province?

Here is the exact Address of the school that I want to go to :

(Jubao Shanzhuang, Bei Wai Huan Rd. Qufu City, Shandong Province)

If there is any, How much is it? and What bus should I take?

Thank you in advance.. :)

Reply8/23/2010 6:42:00 AMLi Xiu Zhen ,   Philippines

andy :8/23/2010 9:17:00 PM

thre are no direct buses to Qufu City, but is a train from Beijing to Qufu. it takes 8.5 hours and costs CNY 94 for the hard seat and CNY 175 for the sleeper. when you get off the train, you can take taxi to the school.
by the way, what is the name of the school?

hi, we're thinking on travelling from beijing to shanghai by bus and my Chinese is not that good, so i cannot find how much would that cost... can u pliz tell me :)

Reply8/14/2010 10:36:00 AMSaša ,   China

Elva :8/14/2010 9:41:00 PM

about CNY 260-340, and that depends on which long-distance bus you are going to take.

Hi, I have to take a train/normal one or bus, from Beijing to Rizhao (south). I am getting Beijing airport at 4.00am and I would like to take any train, bus early in the morning. Any idea where?, how? and the price , more or less?. Thanks a lot for any advice.

Reply8/11/2010 3:16:00 PMhofmann ,   China

July :8/11/2010 9:22:00 PM

the train to Rizhao leaves around 23:00, so if you want to go early in the morning , you can only take the long distance buses. you can go to Lizeqiao Long Distance Bus Station and take the coach from Beijing to Rizhao. there are two coaches to Rizhao, the prices are CNY 146 and CNY 185.

If I'd like to go to Baotou/Hohhot from Beijin by bus, what is the bus time, its take how many hours and what is the ticket fee?

Reply7/30/2010 3:00:00 AMnipaporn ,   Thailand

Lucy :7/31/2010 9:14:00 PM

you can go to Liuliqiao Long-Distance Bus Station to take the buses to Baotou or Hohhot. the bus from Beijing to Baotou leaves every 30 minutes from 07:30 to 20:30 , and the ticket price is around CNY 150, and it takes about 8 hours from Beijing to Baotou.
the bus to Hohhot leaves every hour from 07:30- 17:40, the ticket price is about CNY 150. and it takes about 4-5 hours.

Can I get a bus from Beijing to Urumqi?

Reply7/27/2010 9:13:00 PMharry ,   United Kingdom

lisa :7/28/2010 9:04:00 PM

there's no direct long-distance bus from Beijing to Urumqi, i think you can go there by train or by air.

What is the cheapest train option from Beijing to Lhasa Tibet?

Reply7/11/2010 6:36:00 AMErick Calderon ,   Guatemala

anna :7/11/2010 8:39:00 PM

there's only one train from Beijing to Lhasa, Tibet. the Train No. is T27. the ticket fare is CNY 389 for hard seat, and CNY 789 for hard sleeper, and 1262 for soft sleeper. the duration is about 45 hours

Hello, I am planning to travel to from Beijing to Tibet by bus, how can I get there by bus, can you please tell me the options and the prices please, thanks

Reply7/9/2010 9:03:00 AMErick Calderon ,   Guatemala

anna :7/10/2010 9:21:00 PM

there's no direct bus from Beijing to Tibet, i think take the railway is also a goog choice, you can see the beautiful landscape on your way to Lhasa.


I'm planning to travel from Nan Le to Beijing. How do I get there?



Reply6/16/2010 1:52:00 PMyingxuan ,   Singapore

Joey :6/16/2010 8:56:00 PM

you can go to the long distance bus station and take long distance buses to Beijing. or you can take buses to Anyang East Station, and take Bus No.3 to Anyang Railway Station, and then take the train to Beijing.

If I take the bus from Sanyuanqiao metro station (Beijing) to Chengde, as you recommend, what does it cost? And do I need to buy the bus ticket in advance?

Reply6/12/2010 11:18:00 PMBrad ,   United States

anna :6/16/2010 8:41:00 PM

hi Brad,
it cost about CNY 50, and you don't need to buy the ticket in advance.


How much does it cost to get from Beijing to Zhengzhou?

There are two bus stations hear that do this journey. ARe the prices and travel times different?

Many thanks!!


Reply6/1/2010 5:01:00 PMVyara Gylsen ,   United Kingdom

Vyara Gylsen ( United Kingdom ) :6/2/2010 8:38:00 AM

Thank you so much Bella. Much appreciated.

Bella :6/1/2010 8:53:00 PM

hi, the prices and the travel time of the two coach stations are not the same. for the coach departing from Liuliqiao Coach Station, the price is CNY 149, and the travel time is about 8 hours. for the coach departing from Lizeyuan Coach Station, the price is CNY 159, and i didnot find any information about the travel time, but it might be also around 8 hours or more.

Dear Beijingtrip, could you tell me how much will be cost tickets for long distance bus from Chengdu to Xi'an, from Xi'an to Beijing, Xi'an to Tianjin separately? thank you in in advance.

Reply6/1/2010 4:07:00 AMDeka ,   China

rosina :6/1/2010 6:02:00 AM

it cost about CNY 171 from Chengdu to Xi'an, CNY 238 from Xi'an to Beijng, and CNY 288 from Xi'an to Tianjian.

Hi Lily, I am in Beijing. Is that possible?

Reply5/3/2010 11:12:00 PMpearlsha ,   India

Lily :5/4/2010 9:09:00 PM

well, i'm sorry to tell you that there's no direct coach to Huangshan or Tunxi from Beijing. i think you need to consider other ways.

Hello! I would like to take a long distance bus to Tunxi or Huang Shan in Anhui province. I don't want to take the train, I find buses more practical and comfortable. Can anyone please tell me what bus station has buses that go to Tunxi or Huang Shan?

Reply5/2/2010 11:59:00 AMpearlsha ,   India

Lily :5/3/2010 8:47:00 PM

where are you now? and where do you depart from?

i am doing the same trip (jinshanling trek to simatai) and want to take public transport. i've been researching on the web and it says that from the Chengde bound bus you can get off at the Jinshanling intersection and walk to the wall (about 6 km). Is this correct? Also, aren't there Chengde bound buses from Dongzhimen too?

Reply4/28/2010 2:04:00 AMkarla ,   Philippines

lisa ( China ) :4/28/2010 8:34:00 PM

yes, you are right. and there's long distance bus station at Dongzhimen, and you can take a bus there.

hello! we are going to the jinshanling great wall. could anyone tell me if it's better to take the Chengde-bound bus from Dongzhimen bus sstation or from Liuliqiao bus station. Do they take the same route? Which bus would take us nearer the jinshanling great wall and what is the name of the stop we should get down at? thank you very much.

Reply4/27/2010 11:28:00 PMernest ,   Belgium

Rich ( Albania ) :4/28/2010 12:06:00 AM

You should take the buses to Chengde from Liuliqiao or Sihuidong Coach Station and get off at Bakeshiyinghualougou, and then take a mini-bus to Jinshanling.

Hi, I would like to go from Beijing to Dongying. Can you tell me the details? Thanks.

Reply3/24/2010 1:11:00 AMJoe ,   United States

Joe ( United States ) :3/24/2010 8:58:00 PM

Daniel, thanks for trying but that isn't terribly convenient--???. There is no direct train. I was hoping for someone with knowledge of a direct bus route.

Daniel :3/24/2010 8:31:00 PM

Do you mean Dongying in Shandong Province? By train, of course.

Is there a long distance bus from Yellow Mountain (Huangshan)
to Guilin? If so, what is the timetable and departure station.

Reply3/2/2010 12:25:00 PMMrs Chi ,   Canada

David :3/2/2010 7:31:00 PM

There is no direct bus between Huangshan and Guilin. I advise you take a train or a flight instead.

I am planning to go to Pingyao, Shanxi around 17/18 of February. With so many bus stations, which one the best? And how hard do you think is possible to travel by bus in this time of year?

Thank you

Reply2/9/2010 10:32:00 PMtelma ,   Portugal

Dave :2/10/2010 7:44:00 PM

I'm not sure which bus station is the best, but it is possible to travel by bus then.