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It is better to travel from Beijing to Chengde by train or bus? Which is quickest and cheapest method?

Reply9/1/2014 11:18:20 PMPatrick

Shun ( Turkey ) :9/2/2014 9:41:51 PM

Well, it is cheapeast to go by train and fastest by direct long-distance bus. Here is their info for u to choose a proper way:
by bus: you can take one at local Liuliqiao Long-distance Bus Station. It takes around 4 hours to arrive and the bus fare is CNY85.

by train: the duration is 4.5-6 hours and the fare is CNY25.5-44.5 for a hard seat.

Hi, I'd like to Binzhou from Beijing by Bus/Couch. Could anyone help me with full of information of where to get the direct Bus, how long is it? and how much? Thanks

Reply8/9/2014 11:04:09 AMFaleks ,   China

Nancy ( Australia ) :8/10/2014 5:58:16 AM

Hi, there are direct buses to Binzhou at the Yongdingmen Long-distance Bus Station. The timetable is 07:30, 10:00, 11:30, 14:00, 15:30, 17:00 and 19:00. The bus fare is CNY119-142 per person and the duration is about 5 hours.

Can I get a COACH/bus FROM Beijing to Gaoyou...how long does it take time wise and how much does it cost? I arrive Beijing on 3rd March .

Reply1/12/2014 3:23:02 AManne@youssef28.orangehome.co.uk ,   United Kingdom

Blair ( United Kingdom ) :7/27/2014 3:49:00 AM

At local Lizeqiao Long-distance Bus Station, there are direct buses to Gaoyou. It takes around 10 hours to arrive and the bus fare is CNY184-251 per person.

Hi, I would like to know the price and the duration of the trip for the bus coach that does beijing Guangzhou please.

Reply7/20/2014 11:25:06 AMJohanssen ,   Australia

Coco ( Brazil ) :7/27/2014 3:51:06 AM

It is very far between the two cities, so no long-distance bus service is available. I recommend you take a high speed train to travel and the trains operate between Beijing West and Guangzhou South.

hi for going to Badaling with the bus 919 there is timestables ? for december ? thanks a lot

Reply12/5/2013 6:12:11 AMmeli ,   France

David :12/5/2013 5:31:59 PM

you can take bus no. 877, 919, or 880 from Deshengmen to Badaling. They run every few minutes daily.

I want to visit the Eastern Qing Tombs on Monday October 14th and would like to know which bus no. I have to take from Sihui Station to Zunhua and if possible also the time schedule v.v.
Thanks for your reply.

Reply10/6/2013 10:51:49 PMPatricia ,   Netherlands

Lily :10/8/2013 12:41:58 AM

the bus runs every 20 minutes from Sihui to Zunhua, and the fare is CNY48 per person.

I am looking for two informations :
1- Is there a bus from Chengde to Beijing Liu Li Qiao?
é_ Where can I find the bus timetable Chengde to Beijing Liu Li Qiao?
Many thanks

Reply9/23/2013 12:09:24 AMMario ,   France

Tina :9/23/2013 6:13:40 PM

1. yes, there are buses from Chengde to Beijing Liu Li Qiao.
2. The bus runs every 15 - 20 minutes from 05:20 to 17:40.

Hi. I want to go to Shidu Scenic Area in Fangshan District from Badaling. Can I arrive there (Shidu) by Bus No. 836 from Xizhimen Long Distance Bus Station? Do you know the departing schedules of the bus? Where is the location of Xizhimen Long Distance Bus Station? How far is the bus station from Beijing North Railway Station? Or there are better options to go there? Thank you.

Reply7/20/2013 8:55:06 PMEddy ,   Indonesia

Kate :7/23/2013 6:42:34 PM

you're welcome Eddy.
the route of bus No. 836 has already changed, and Tianqiao is its terminal now.

Eddy ( Indonesia ) :7/23/2013 4:08:12 AM

Thanks Kate for the information.
I just read in this website about Bus No. 836 at Xizhimen Long Distance Bus Station, (also Liuliqiao). I just hope to find the nearest bus station to Beijing North Railway Station, because I will come from Badaling.
But OK, I think Tianqiao is the right place to get the bus to Shidu.

Kate :7/21/2013 7:37:35 PM

bus No. 836 departs from Tianqiao stop, near the west gate of Temple of Heaven.
the bus runs hourly from 06:00 to 17:00.

Please I want to know if I can get a bus from Guangzhou to Tianjin and how much does it costs.thank you.

Reply5/18/2013 2:05:47 AMKelly ,   China

Bill :5/20/2013 7:36:26 PM

there's no long-distance bus from Guangzhou to Tianjin, you may consider to take a train or a flight.

i'd like to go to shacheng.. do you know at what time is the first bus from beijing and where? and which number is that! thank you ! =)

Reply5/12/2013 7:44:02 AMelisa ,   Italy

Lisa :5/13/2013 8:08:19 PM

the first bus is from Beijing Beijiao Long-distance bus station at 06:00.
just tell the conductor that you want to go to Shacheng when you buy the ticket. the bus No. is 11002.

Hi, Would you tell me where in Beijing, I can get a bus to Tianjin Port.
I will be in Beijing 2 days in October before getting on the Royal Carribean Cruise from Tianjin
I will be staying in Doncheng District.
Also could you tell me the cost.
Thank you,

Reply2/7/2013 7:33:53 PMLorelle Williams ,   Australia

Helen :2/15/2013 11:30:11 PM

Hi Lorelle,
there is no direct bus to Tianjin Port from Beijing.
you can take subway or taxi to the Beijing South Railway Station to catch a bullet train to Tanggu, and then take a taxi to the port.
the train ticket is CNY 65.5 for the second-class seat, and the taxi fare would be not more than CNY 100.

Hi, I want to go from Beijing to Zhenglanqi to visit Xanadau (Yuanshangdu). Are there any buses and from where do they leave ?

Reply1/10/2013 12:51:56 AMRainer ,   Gabon

Tina :1/10/2013 5:37:52 PM

i heard there are buses from Beijing Liuliqiao Long-distance Bus station to zhenglanqi, but can not find schedules online. you'd better consult the staff at the station in advance.

Hi can you tell which beijing bus station i get a bus to Erlian from and how do I find the time table for friday sat sun
thanks Mark

Reply10/23/2012 3:13:20 AMmark edwards ,   China

Ashley :10/23/2012 7:39:33 PM

there are buses to Erlian from Beijing Beijiao Long Distance Bus Station departing at 16:30, 17:30 and 18:00, Muxiyuan Long-distance Bus Station departing at 17:00, 17:30 and 18:00, and Lizeqiao Long-distance Bus station at 17:00. you'd better buy the ticket 3 days before your scheduled departure time.


I'll be going to Beijing in Nov and will be staying near Oriental Plaza. What is the most convenient way to go to Chengde from that area? If by bus, which is the most convenient bus station? Thanks.

Reply10/9/2012 9:25:53 AMJames ,   Malaysia

Ashley :10/9/2012 7:21:45 PM

you can take a taxi to Liuliqiao Long-distance Bus Station (CNY 35) to take the coach to Chengde.

coach transfer from Tianjin port to Beijing Airport

Reply9/6/2012 8:59:48 PMnfriend ,   China

Jason :9/7/2012 6:35:55 PM

there is no direct coach, but you can take a taxi to Tanggu Railway Station, and take a bullet train to Beijing South RAilway station, then take the airport shuttle bus to the airport.

Hi, are there many buses from Datong to Beijing and how long do they take?

Reply8/31/2012 5:44:14 PMLaure ,   France

Kevin :9/1/2012 6:36:45 PM

Yes, there is a bus from Datong Long-distance bus station to Beijing per hour from 08:00 to 16;00 daily. It takes about 6 hours.

I'd be in beijing in october and I what to go to Chendge by bus : how long is the trip.
At what time is the first bus in the morning and for the return in the afternoon

Reply8/19/2012 2:57:20 AModette

Emily :8/19/2012 8:18:39 PM

the bus trip takes about 3 hours if departing from SiHui Long-distance Bus Station and 4 hours from Liuliqiao Long-distance Bus Station.
the the first bus departs from Beijing at 05:20 from Liuliqiao and 06:00 from Sihui.
the last bus from Chengde back to Beijing departs at 18:00.

We are going to Beijing in november 8 ,2012.Please recomend the best area to stay 2 nigts. In nov. 10 we are going to take a Cruise in Tianjin Port.Thaks, Maga & Friends.

Reply8/16/2012 11:34:22 AMMyrtha M. Estrada ,   Puerto Rico

Diana :8/16/2012 7:09:36 PM

i think the best place is near the Forbidden City.
you can try the courtyard hotels like Tiananmen Best Year Courtyard Hotel and Elite Hutong Courtyard, or the star-hotels such as Days Inn Forbidden City Hotel, Grand Hotel, Citytel Inn and Raffles Beijing Hotel.

Which buses that will take me to Fengning County ? I want to go to Bashang Grassland. And...how much is the price for the bus and how long does it take to go to Bashang Grassland? Thanks

Reply7/29/2012 10:02:32 AMAris ,   Indonesia

Frank :7/29/2012 7:44:38 PM

You may take a train from Beijing west railway station or a long-distance bus from Xizhiben or Yongdingmen bus station to Zhangjiakou city first, and then transfer to a mini-bus to Zhangbei County, and then take a taxi to Bashang Grassland. Personally, I advise you hire a car from a travel company in Beijing to save both time and strength.

i want to go jinzhou liaoning from beijing tell me bus station and ticket price and its take how much time to reach jinzhou from beijing

Reply7/20/2012 5:30:22 PMaamir ,   Pakistan

Jackey :7/20/2012 8:08:42 PM

why not taking the bullet train,which is fast and convenient.
the train departs from Beijing Railway station at 09:15, 13:21, 13:42, 13:51, 14:30, 17:47 and 18:32.
the ticket is CNY 142 for the second class and CNY 169 for the first class.
it takes only 3.5 hours.

if you prefer bus, you can go to the Bawangfen Bus Station. the bus departs hourly.
the ticket is CNY 134, and the travel time is 4 - 5 hours.