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Hi, My friends are going to Beijing on October 15 - 18, 2013. What will be the weather at that time? Any suggestions on where to go for that short trip? Also, what hotel can you recommend to stay that is near the attractions and accessible to train and bus stations

Reply1/17/2013 10:11:31 PMConnie Gabriel ,   Philippines

Eva :1/18/2013 6:49:41 PM

it is cool autumn at that time.
you can visit the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Great Wall, and Old Hutongs.
you can try the hotels near the forbidden City.
here are some itineraries:

Hi! We rae arriving Beijing on 14 nov 3pm by the the we reach Forbidden city Hotel in Dongcheng it will be afternoon. Then we have 15 and 16 Nov for sightseeing because 17 nov our flight is in early morning. So from 14 Nov afternoon till 16 Nov evening what are the main attractions we can visit accordingly. Preferably we would like to visit Great wall, forbidden city, Lama temple, tianmen square, summer palace, temple of heaven on our own. Is those mentioned days enough for our visiting sites?

Reply11/12/2012 6:53:59 PMRinchhen L ,   United Arab Emirates

Amy :11/13/2012 5:38:55 PM

my suggestion is:
14th November: take a taxi to the Drum Tower to visit the old hutongs in the afternoon.
15th: Morning: Tianmen Square + Forbidden City. Afternoon: Summper Palace (stops selling tickets at around 16:00, so you'd better get there before 16:00)
16th: Morning: Great Wall (Badaling)
Afternoon: Lama Temple.
Since Badaling Great Wall is a little bit far from the city (at least 1 hours to get there), so you may get back to the city in the afternoon (around 15:00). The Lama Temple closes at 16:00, so you may have little time in the temple.

Hi, i will visit Beijing on this coming saturday (10th Nov - 16th Nov) with my friends. We know that currently the weather is very cold plus the heavy snow.. Do you think it will interrupt our vacation there?

Reply11/6/2012 8:19:08 PMSha ,   Malaysia

Wisley :11/7/2012 6:03:37 PM

don't worry, the snow will not interrupt your vacation. it is going to be sunny next week, but still cold, as the temperature will be below 0 C.

Hi. We are coming to Beijing 0n the 4/10 fo 5 days. Any special festivals on this time in Beijing?
We think to travel to Tianjin and it's area for a day or two. What do you recommend for us to see? Thanks

Reply9/28/2012 12:23:30 PMGadi ,   Israel

Wendy :9/28/2012 7:18:33 PM

October 4th?
it is in the Chinese National Day Holiday, the Golden Week, when most Chinese people have 7 - 8 days off, and most of them will go out or go back home.
as for one or two days in Tianjian, you can go to the Huangyaguan Great Wall (may take a whole day), Ancient Cultural Street, and Dabei Buddhist Temple.

Hi, We are a party of 6,looking for 2 nights hotel accomodation in Beijing. Intended to visit Tiananmen Square,Forbidden City,Summer Palace,Badaling Great Wall, Bird's's Nest & Temple of Heaven on our own. Can you suggest of hotels easily accessible to these sites, preferably within walking distance to transport or trains. Thanks.

Reply9/27/2012 3:06:58 PMLiz Vanc ,   Canada

Sally :9/27/2012 6:58:33 PM

i suggest you live in the hotels in Wangfujing, which is near to the Tiananmen Square and Forbidden city, and easy to get to the Summer palace, bird's nest and Temple of Heaven.
the Badaling Great Wall is a little bit from the city, but there are tourist buses to the attraction.
recommended hotels are Prime Hotel, Crowne Plaza Beijing Wangfujing, The Peninsula, North Garden Hotel, Park Plaza Hotel Wangfujing

Hai, I will going to Beijing from 02nd Oct to 07th Oct, what is the suitable cloths for me to bring, what is the temperature down there,

Reply9/19/2012 6:47:47 PMhairul ,   Malaysia

James :9/19/2012 7:51:56 PM

T-shirt, jeans and a light coat, take a warm coat if it rains.

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Have a good day.

Reply8/16/2012 7:40:14 PMStephanie ,   Australia

Judy :8/19/2012 7:04:43 PM

here you can find more information about China trips and prices.

are all parts of beihai or jingshan inaccessible before 6am? i've read they're good places to jog.

Reply5/29/2012 8:17:49 PMpoochai

June :5/30/2012 7:04:58 PM

yes, they are inaccessible until they are open.
the Beihai Park opens at 06:30 in the morning, while the Jingshan Park opens at 06:00.

my family and i included my 28 months son will visit beijing on 6 to 13 nov 2012. Could you describes clearly on the weather base on your pass years experience? do we need to bring padded coat? thx.

Reply5/28/2012 8:02:08 AMgreena ,   Malaysia

Bonnie :5/28/2012 6:58:20 PM

the padded coat is necessary when you are in Beijing in Novemberm since it will be pretty cold at that time, and the lowest temperature could be around or below 0 C.
it is also windy and dry at that time.

Hi ,were going to Beijing this May 2-5,2012.We have 2 days guided tour of popular sites already,we have 2 free days.where do we go?any suggestions besides shopping?Is it too cold by then?Fleece jackets ok? Thanks

Reply4/28/2012 12:56:18 AMprecy ,   Philippines

Bruce :4/28/2012 8:17:10 PM

I advise you made a side trip tour to Tianjin for one day. And the other day you may choose some other attractions in Beijing from here http://www.beijingtrip.com/attractions/

We are planning to go Biejing on end of march. Weather is ok for that time. is it raining? pls reply me as soon as possible. Thanks.

Reply3/15/2012 11:16:55 PMPreethi ,   India

Lily :3/16/2012 8:43:01 PM

yes, it is OK.
it is not cold at that time, but not sure whether it rain or not. you can check the weather forecast 2 or 3 days before you go.

Wonder if it is really snowing in beijing now?

Reply2/29/2012 12:52:17 AMsteph ,   Singapore

May :2/29/2012 5:41:35 PM

it sleet and is then overcast on March 1st according to the weather forcast, and it turns to cloudy on March 2nd.

hi i m junaid want to visit beijing in july 2012 can u guide us amusement parks n water parks n other places to visit and also visiting shanghai so if u have something to guide abt shanghai also and also how is weather in july thanks

Reply2/29/2012 12:55:18 AMjunaid ,   Pakistan

Cathy :2/29/2012 5:54:56 PM

Hi Junaid,
the most famous amusement park in Beijing is the Happy Valley.
the Great Wall, Fobidden City, Summer Palace, and Hutongs are the must-see attractions in Beijing.
As for Shanghai, you can visit the Yuyuan Garden, Old Town Temple, the Bund, Nanjing Road, and taking the Huangpu River Cruise.

Hi,i am going to visit beijing february on15-19. Will it possible that there will be snowing?

Reply2/11/2012 7:04:08 AMamy ,   Malaysia

Jim :2/13/2012 7:10:39 PM

there's no snow on Feb. 15 - 19th in Beijing.


Reply2/13/2012 5:59:22 PMtest

HI ,
I am already in beijing with my little toddler , so where can we find amusement parks but not open air , coz it is very cold and we cant stand the outdoor .

Reply2/8/2012 10:50:39 PMyasmin ,   Egypt

Amanda :2/9/2012 5:45:44 PM

Hi Yasmin,
there are small amusement parks for little kids in most big shopping malls in Beijing.
go to enjoy the hot spring is also a good choice, there are usually special pool for kids.
you can also take your child to Beijing Ocean Park.
i think go to the theatre to watch a show is also a good idea.

Will it be snowing in Beijing or The Great Wall in February?

Reply1/14/2012 11:28:26 PMIrene

Larry :1/15/2012 1:16:19 AM

it is really hard to perdict, but it is usually snows in winter (December to February), so you'd better check the weather forecast 2 or 3 days in advance.

is it good to visit china during march? will the weather be pleasant?

Reply12/8/2011 7:21:16 AMvasu

Mark :12/8/2011 4:43:21 PM

In March, there is still a little cold in most parts of China, but the temperature is rising day by day and there is usually little rain. it is a good time to visit the southern and eastern part of China, such as Hangzhou, Nanjing and Shanghai.


I plan to visit Beijing particularly - Great Wall last week of December. Any advice?

Will great wall be closed ? Am climbing with 2 kids.

Reply10/7/2011 12:57:55 AMMT ,   Singapore

Della :11/27/2011 5:37:14 PM

i think you need to wear boots or UGG is a good choice.

Rose Rabbit ( Singapore ) :11/27/2011 7:11:33 AM

I read that Beijing is cold but dry in Dec. I am going there in mid Dec.. My kids wld love to see snow... Wld u know what kind of shoes are suitable?

Helena ( China ) :10/14/2011 6:17:59 PM

December is a little tricky for great wall hiking trip but not impossible. Check the weather again for possible snow. If it snowed the previous days, it might get slippery and dangerous especially if you have young kids with you. And of course, wear down jackets and mittens to keep warm.

Della :10/8/2011 2:34:06 AM

hi MT,
the Great Wall will not be closed.
you can go to the Badaling Great Wall.
it will be cold at that time, so wear some warm clothes, esp for your kids.

My will be in Beijing 24 of november, possible i have ski at that time?

Reply11/11/2011 1:59:55 AMsteve foo ,   Malaysia

Carl :11/17/2011 4:51:26 PM

It hard to say whether it will snow or not then, since the whether changes. But it may possibly snow then according to the historical records.

Bruce :11/11/2011 5:15:34 PM

I'm afraid not this year, since the temperature is still above 5C now in Beijing.