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1) I will travel by AirAsia from Tianjin airport to Kuala Lumpur. If I take a bullet-train from Beijing to Tianjin,which station shall I stop at?(Tianjin-railway station or the Tanggu Railway station)?
2) How long will it takes to travel to the Tianjin airport after arriving at the railway-Station?

Reply8/11/2009 11:46:00 AMJeli Je ,   Singapore

BeijingTrip.com :8/11/2009 9:56:00 PM

1. Taking the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Train (bullet train), you can get off at Tianjin Railway Station which is nearer to Tianjin Binhai Airport.

2. Tianjin Railway Station is about 14 kilometers away from Tianjin Binhai Airport. It usually takes around 20 minutes.

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Like Brenda, I need to go from South to Central station. I would prefer a taxi. Do you know what a reasonable price would be?
Thanks a lot!

Reply8/6/2009 6:17:00 AMChris den Hengst

BeijingTrip.com :8/6/2009 10:19:00 PM

Thanks for your inquiry.

The taxi fare from Beijing South Railway Station to Beijing Railway Station is at least CNY 25, since the distance is about eight kilometers. If the driver chooses the Second Ring Road (Er Huan Lu), the fare will be no more than CNY 30.

How would I get to the Main Rail Station (Dongcheng District)in Beijing from the Laem Chabang cruise port. We would like to take a bullet train from Tanggu, but aren't sure what we do after that. Do we go to a certain station and transfer to another train, or take a taxi, or does the Bullet Train go as far as the station in Dongcheng District? Thank you, Brenda

Reply6/8/2009 7:04:00 PMBrenda ,   United States

BeijingTrip.com :6/8/2009 9:42:00 PM

Hi, Brenda. Thanks for your inquiry.

The bullet train (or rather the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Train) does not reach Beijing Railway Station, the Main Rail Station as you mentioned. Taking the bullet train from Tanggu Railway Station, you will arrive at Beijing South Railway Station.

You can take a taxi from Beijing South Railway Station to Beijing Railway Station. Or you may choose a more economical way: take the Bus No. 652 at the South Square of the South Station, get off at Qianmen Station where you transfer the Metro Line M2 direct to Beijing Railway Station.

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Thank you for the information so far.

A few more questions:

1. Tianjin Railway Station (or rather Tianjin East Station) - are these two the same station?

2. How far is it from Tanggu Railway Station to the port?

3. When traveling back to Beijing - is it better to leave from the Tianjin Railway station or the Tanggu Railway Station? Do trains/rails run just as frequently from Tanggu Railway Station?

4. Does the highspeed train run between Tianjin station and Tanggu station every 15 minutes? Or how frequently? If not frequent - is there a better way to get from Tianjin station to port?

Reply6/4/2009 8:34:00 PMBonnie Mohnsen

BeijingTrip.com :6/4/2009 11:41:00 PM

Thanks for your questions.
Here are the answers:
1. Currently, Tianjin Railway Station refers to the newly built Tianjin East Railway Station. So these two are the same station.
2. You can take No.102 bus from Tanggu Railway Station to the port. It will take 40 to 50 minutes.
3. When traveling back, you can just leave from Tanggu Station where the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Train runs as frequently as Tianjin Station.
4. The Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Train (the Highspeed Train you mentioned) stops both at Tianjin Station and Tanggu Station. So from Beijing to Tianjin, you can get off at Tanggu Station then go to the port.

Our hotel operator has specially sent you an email of Tianjin hotel recommendation. Please note to check.

Which station is closest to sightseeing in Tianjin?

Is there a train to the Tianjin Port?

Reply6/2/2009 11:05:00 PMBonnie Mohnsen

BeijingTrip.com :6/2/2009 11:40:00 PM

Beijingtrip.com thanks for your enquiry.

The Tianjin Railway Station (or rather Tianjin East Station) is closest to Tianjin sightseeing area. There is no direct train to Tianjin Port but you may take the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway and get off at Tanggu Railway Station which is nearer to the port.

Here we suggest you stay in a hotel near the Ancient Cultural Street, the Gourmet Street and Binjiang Pedestrian Shopping Center. Should you like, our team will arrange the reservation of a suitable hotel for your convenience.

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Which station will you arrive from Beijing? Tianjin Station or the Tanggu Station? Do you mean you want to stay a hotel near the station. As i know there is no direct bus from railway station to Tianjin port.

Reply6/2/2009 10:22:00 PMDong Fang ,   China

We don't want to stay down at the port - we will go there the next day.

On the day we arrive from Beijing - we want to drop off our bags at a hotel near where the train comes in and there is bus to the port are. What area would this be?

Reply6/2/2009 8:28:00 PMBonnie Mohnsen ,   United States

Hi, Bonnie
If you like you can choose a hotel near Tianjin port. Or would like to stay in Tianjin downtown or a tourist area?

Reply6/1/2009 9:15:00 PMDong Fang ,   China

We are spending three days in Beijing and then going to Tianjin for one day/night before boarding a ship in the Tianjin port.

For convenience (coming in from Beijing and traveling to the port) and sightseeing - where is the best place or area to spend the night in Tianjin?

Reply6/1/2009 1:25:00 PMBonnie Mohnsen ,   United States

We left our camera in a Beijing taxi - we didn't get a receipt. Is there a txi lost and found phone number we could call? We will offer a reward - it has photos of our two little children at the Great Wall of China.

Reply5/13/2009 6:38:00 PMSophie ,   Australia

BeijingTrip.com :5/13/2009 9:44:00 PM

Hi, Sophie
We are sorry to hear that. Since you did not get a taxi receipt, it will be very difficult to find your camera. Do you remember the color and the type of that car? or where did you take the taxi? Here is the telephone number of Beijing Municipal Transportation Law Enforcement General Team:010-68367578. You may resort to them.

Good luck and thanks for your trust in beijingtrip.com!

I'm doing a project on how many people work at the Forbbiden City and what are the main jobs their. Could you help me out?

Reply4/14/2009 1:29:00 PMBrodie ,   Canada

hi, i need to pick up a guest at tianjin airport at 30apr. i am aware that taking a train to tianjin is the smartest way. but im not sure whether do i need to purchase the tickets in advance or do i just buy the tickets at the station on the very day? and do they sell return ticket? because im coming back on the same day too.

Reply4/14/2009 2:58:00 AMryan ,   Malaysia

BeijingTrip.com :4/14/2009 3:51:00 AM

Our suggestion is that you purchase the tickets at the station on the very day, since the ticket of Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Train is usually easy to obtain. And you can buy the return ticket simultaneously.

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If I take the train from Beijing North Station to the Badaling Great Wall, how far is the station from the Great Wall entrance? Can I walk from the train station or take a taxi.

Reply4/8/2009 3:23:00 PMhappy ,   Canada

BeijingTrip.com :4/8/2009 9:34:00 PM

You can get off the train at Qinglongqiao Station which is only several hundred meters far from the Great Wall entrance. You are suggested to walk along the expressway near the station.

Wish you a good trip!

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How long will it take to travel from Beijing North Station to the Great Wall by train?

Reply3/22/2009 5:47:00 AMLisa Li ,   Hong Kong, China

BeijingTrip.com :3/22/2009 9:06:00 PM

It takes around one hour from Beijing North Station to the Badaling Great Wall by train. The trains you can choose from are the Y563, Y567, Y571, Y575, Y579 and Y587.

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Hi Linda,
The attractions you mentioned(Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City)are all in Beijing. Which is the destination port of your cruise ship? Tianjin? If so, you need to go to Beijing by train or bus, and then go to visit those famous attractions. They are all in the center of Beijing, and can be easilly reached by public bus. The fare is very low. :)

Reply2/23/2009 8:27:00 PMP ,   China

We will be arriving by cruise ship (Holland America) in Oct. How can I get to Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, etc? Is public bus transportation available? What are my options? What will it cost? Thank you.

Reply2/23/2009 4:18:00 PMLinda ,   Canada

Good day to you,
Would appreciate very much if you can give me information on where to take the bullet train to Tianjin and the cost?
Thank you.

Reply2/19/2009 7:40:00 PMSeng, Dennis. ,   Malaysia

BeijingTrip.com :2/19/2009 8:06:00 PM

Good day to you,
The Beijing-Tianjin Highspeed Train runs every 15 minites between Beijing South Railway Station and Tianjin Railway Station. It is CNY 69 for the first-class ticket while CNY 58 for the second class.

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The summer palace is the most amazing place in the world.

Reply1/22/2009 12:11:00 PMRosalina ,   Australia


i just returned from Beijing and we have encountered a terrible experiences and service which we would like to file a complain with Beijing Tourism Board, appreciate if you could provide me an email address that i can submit my complain in details urgently, thanks !!

Reply10/27/2008 1:19:00 PMjennifer ,   Singapore

BeijingTrip.com :10/27/2008 9:04:00 PM

Hi, Jennifer

We are sorry to hear that. But we do not have the email address of Beijing Tourism Board. Our suggestion is that to select a better and more qualified travel agency next time.

Is there any Restroom in Airport to rest about 4hours?

Reply10/3/2008 2:30:00 AMshengbin ,   Singapore

BeijingTrip.com :10/7/2008 9:16:00 PM

Yes, there are rest rooms in different terminal buildings of Beijing Capital International Airport. For details, please go to the http://en.bcia.com.cn/servings/service103445.shtml.