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I am traveling from Shenzhen to Shanghai,Shanghai to Beijing.and Beijing to Shenzhen by train in october.Can I buy my tickets a few hours before my journey at the railway station or should I reserve my tickets in advance? Will you book the tickets fo me.Email

Reply5/7/2012 1:21:20 AMDr.Puppala ,   Malaysia

Babara :5/7/2012 6:49:44 PM

Hi Dr. Puppala,
youd'd better book the train tickets for these places in advance, as they are all hot destinations and ticket for these places usually sells fast. you can use the search bar above and make a reservation online.

Hi,I'm goin to Tianjin via bullet train.I'm stay at nanheyen st.dongcheng district. Wher can I buy ticket nearly by.do I have to buy one day advance before traveling?

Reply4/23/2012 12:52:41 AMkambalah ,   Philippines

Sandy :4/23/2012 11:40:02 PM

you dont need to buy the ticket in advance. you can just go to the Beijing south Railway station and buy the ticket one or two hours before the departure time.

What's the difference between Soft sleeper and Luxury soft sleeper?

Reply3/1/2012 1:33:43 PMJorge ,   United States

Anna :3/1/2012 5:51:43 PM

each box in luxury soft sleeper cabins is equiped with coach, toilet, shower, TV set, and kettle, and there are usually two berths in a luxury soft sleeper box.
a soft sleeper box contains four berth and do not have those equipments mentioned above.

Is it still possible to get ticket hard sleeper on our arrival date mar 19 to get hard sleeper ticket fr Beijing to shanghai for mar 22 2012? Wc railway I will go for an over night transport?

Reply2/28/2012 3:30:19 PMAnn magno ,   Philippines

Lily :2/28/2012 6:36:55 PM

Hi Ann,
it is hard to get hard sleeper tickets only two days in advance, but there is still chance you can get soft sleeper tickets.
actually you can take the bullet train from Beijing South Railway station to Shanghai hongqiao railway station. though runs in day time, it takes only 5.5 hours to get to shanghai and the tickets are easy to get.

I will be in Beijing on 2 July 2012 and I would like to visit the following cities by train - Beijing - Xian - guilin - Guangzhou. I would like to know the cost from one city to another and the time taken to connect the cities. Thank you.

Reply2/15/2012 11:34:18 AMPhilippe Lee ,   Mauritius

Amanda :2/15/2012 5:37:42 PM

you can check the train schedules from the above searching tool.

IF Qiao Mansion is not in Taiyuan, which is the nearest train station to visit Qiao Mansion, please?


W rgds

Reply5/23/2011 4:06:00 PMADeline ,   Singapore

Bob :5/23/2011 7:43:11 PM

the Qiao Mansion is in Qi County in Jinzhong City. the nearest station is the Dongguan station in Qi County.
Pingyao station is also not far.


To gauge whether my suggestion is do-able...how far is the drive from datong city to Hanging Temple?

If I am to stay 1 more nite, should i stay near Hanging Temple (which city is it in? Is there a train station near the temple?) or near Qiao Mansion (Is the mansion in TaiYuan city?)

W rgds

W rgds

Reply5/22/2011 8:11:06 AMadeline ,   Singapore

fiona :5/22/2011 7:33:47 PM

the Hanging Temple is about 2 hours' drive (80 km) from the Datong City.
the Qiao Mansion is not in the Taiyuan City.


Hope to check whether it is safe in the trains to share the cabin with others? We are traveling in 2s and note 4s.

Is there bathing facilities in the train cabin for us to take shower? thanks


Reply5/19/2011 8:02:42 PMAdeline ,   Singapore

Nancy :5/22/2011 12:49:12 AM

take it easy, it will be safe.
there's no facility to take bath in the cabin.

Hi, we are in Beijing and thinking of doing a short trip to Datong to visit the Yungang Caves, Handing temple, Qiao Mansion and end in Ping Yao over 3 days. Day 1 - morning train to Datong and visit Yungang caves. Overnite in Datong. Then hire a van to Hanging temple and Qiao Mansion and overnite in Ping Yao. Day 3 to visit Ping Yao and take overnite train back to Beijing. Can you kindly advise the above route is do-able per my sugggestion? As Im not too sure about travelling time from Datong - Pingyao to be able to visit Hanging Templ and Qiao Mansion and end in PingYao. Do you have suggestion on place to stay in Datong? Yr kind advice pleaes. Thanks

Warm regards

Reply5/21/2011 4:55:07 PMAdeline ,   Singapore

Lin :5/22/2011 12:13:48 AM

it takes about 4-5 hours from Datong to the Qiao Mansion, and about 1 hour from the Qiao Mansion to Pingyao.
you need to get up early in the morning to visit the Hanging Temple,and then drive to the Qiao Mansion.
hotels in Datong: Garden Hotel Datong (four stars), Datong Jiahe International Inn (comfort Inn). both are in the city center.


We are interested to visit Pingyao from Beijing. There are 2 sleepers aircon train, 1163 and the K trains. Can you advise are these old or new trains? How are the conditions in the 1st class sleeper cabins? Are there 2 persons per cabins on these trains? thanks

W rgds

Reply5/18/2011 7:37:00 PMAdeline ,   Singapore

Sally :5/18/2011 10:35:00 PM

there should be at least four person in a cabin.
the conditions are very good in the soft sleeper cabins.
if you take soft sleeper cabin, both of the trains are OK.

I am doing a big trip across China, starting in Beijing on May 21st. I want to book trains in advance from beijing-qufu-shanghai-nanjing-xian-lhasa...the online booking is very expensive! Can I book these routes when I arrive on 5/21 at the Beijing West station? Will hard sleepers on K and T trains be fully booked several days in advance?

Thank you so much for your help! :) Shannon

Reply5/7/2011 8:45:00 PMShannon Salter ,   United States

Thomas :5/7/2011 9:54:00 PM

usually, train ticket can be booked 10 days in advance. so i'm quite sure that you can not get the ticket from beijing to Qufu. but you may get the rest of the tickets.
so you'd better book your first or first two ticket online.

Hi..i will be going to Beijing on 7 -11 May 2011. However, my flight will be landing in tianjin Airport. From Tianjin, how should I go to Beijing because my friend will be waiting at Beijing. Tq

Reply4/29/2011 11:17:00 PMKayroll ,   Malaysia

Grace :5/2/2011 4:30:00 AM

there are shuttle bus from Tianjian Airport to Beijing Bawangfen long-distance Bus station.

Where can I get train tickets from Beijing to Hong Kong? I plan to go in October, can I get the tickets in advance?

Reply5/1/2011 12:45:00 AMlorie ,   Hong Kong, China

Helen :5/2/2011 4:43:00 AM

you can go to the Beijing West Railway station to buy the ticket, and you can book it advance.

So reply anout train from cruise ship terminal to beijing. I have the reverse situation. I need to get from central beijing to train station which will get me to cruise ship terminal.

Reply4/20/2011 1:18:00 PMelizabeth ,   Canada

Mike :4/20/2011 10:26:00 PM

take the bullet train from beijing south railway station to Tianjin railway station, then transfer to bus No. 621 to Tanggu Waitan stop, and bus No. 102 to the cruise terminal.


How can i going from Beijing Capital Internaltional Airport to Jixian,Nankai District after 23:00 pm.?

Reply4/6/2011 1:50:00 AMS ,   Thailand

Jack :4/7/2011 9:30:00 PM

You can take the airport shuttle from Beijing capital airport to Tianjin airport, and then take a taxi to Nankai District.

Which is the best station to use for bullet train to Beijing from cruise terminal in Tianjin? Also, what time does it leave in the morning after about 9.30am. Also, is it likely to be full and can luggage be transported OK.

Reply2/20/2011 9:06:00 AMMary Cooke ,   United Kingdom

Edie :2/21/2011 1:10:00 AM

the nearest is the Tanggu railway station, you can take a taxi from the Cruise terminal to the railway station, it costs only CNY 20.
the in the morning, the train departs at 08:33 and 12:14.
it usually won't be full, if you get the railway station early, you can get the tickets, and there's no problem with your luggage.

hi,good evenin'!
what bus number from sanliton going to solana?
thanks so much.

Reply12/16/2010 7:52:00 AMchi ,   Mexico

Irina :12/19/2010 8:44:00 PM

you can take bus No. 701 from Sanlitun and get off at Anjialou (¥) stop, and walk for southeast for about 500 meters, you will find it.

hi...everyday have a schedule from beijing going to kowloon-hk?

Reply12/16/2010 10:02:00 AMchi ,   Mexico

Kelly :12/19/2010 8:46:00 PM

yes, the train departs every day.

hi good day!
i just want to ask...where is the nearest railway station from beijing airport to buy the tickets going to hongkong???

Reply12/14/2010 4:48:00 PMchi ,   Mexico

Real :12/14/2010 9:59:00 PM

hi, you need to go to the Beijing West Railway Station to buy the ticket.

i plan travel by train from shanghai to qingtao...how i can get there? is there express train to qingtao? and how much the cost for comfortable one because i have a baby...TQ

Reply6/4/2010 7:15:00 AMLina ,   Indonesia

Brenda :6/4/2010 9:13:00 PM

hi, if you mean Qingdao, there are express train (bullet train) from shanghai to Qingdao. you can get to Shanghai Railway Station by Subway Line 1, 3, or 4. the ticket fare for the first class is CNY 502, and CNY 419 for the second class.